Caldari, here I come!

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After putting up the poll asking whether I should start to fly Caldari, 4 of you ended up casting your vote (half of the people that voted in the last poll, come on people!).
It seems that you’re split on the issue. Half seem to think that I should start to fly Caldari and the other half think I should stick with Gallente. That said, I also had two replies to my Twitter update (asking the same question) and assuming those two people didn’t vote, that brings the vote count up to 6 and makes the results 66% in favour of flying Caldari.

To tell you the truth, I’d already started training Caldari (frigate, and onto cruiser now) but I wanted to see how my lovely readers felt about the decision.
I’d also now like to know what skills I’d need to train for Caldari. I’m sure there are some of you that fly Caldari  and I’d love to know what basic sets of skills I need to train. I literally know nothing about what is needed to fly and effectively use Caldari ships. A little list in the comments would be absolutely perfect.

In other news, I’m now 140 million ISK richer! This probably isn’t a big thing for most of you but as someone that has been poor for his whole EVE career, it’s big. I’ve never been above around 120 million ISK, so now being at 180 million ISK is quite an achievement. Despite the fact that I’ve been playing on and off for a few years, I’m very much the kind of guy that spends his ISK as soon as he gets it.

You’re probably wondering how I got this small fortune. Well, a capsuleer by the name of AshenShugar sent me an EVE-mail on Friday asking whether I could create him a background image for his corporation website. Having never made one before, I took a guess as the pricing and priced it at 80 million ISK.
Fast forward to an hour ago. I’ve created the image above (100% from scratch apart from the Dominix’s) and my client is so happy with it that he wants to give me 100 mil extra, making a total of 180 mil. That’s 225% higher than the regional average for all you trader nuts out there. ;)

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8 Responses to “Caldari, here I come!”

  1. Tony "EVE's Weeke d Warrior" Says:

    I like Gallente. But I also like being jack-of-trades, so that means I like Caldari as well.

    Once I’m in the first week of March, I can hop into a shiny Nighthawk and go pew pew because black and red is sexy!

  2. Aurea Says:

    Flying Caldari, huh? Good stuff. Since your'e Gallente already, I presume you have drones and hybrids in spades. So, that leaves very little to be honest.

    First and foremost, I'd train engineering skills. All the pesky ones that don't matter when you armor tank. Shield Operation(This is for active boosters), Shield Compensation(Also for active boosters), Shield Management(Like others, this gives you more HP total), Tactical Shield Manipulation(IV is generally the maximum required here, as it unlocks all T2 active hardeners) and then Shield Upgrades.

    Once that's done, missile skills. For the most part, Caldari missile boats are PvE EZ Mode. Kestrel > Caracal > Drake > Raven is the general order, and sometimes people go from the Raven to a Nighthawk, one of the Command Ships. Rich people who are not like you and I get Golems with their massive damage. So, what to train for missile skills? IMO, the four most important skills are Missile Launcher Op(Required @ V for Cruise Missiles and Torpedoes), Guided Missile Precision, Target Navigation Prediction(these two allow you to hit smaller targets more reliably; I can blow up cruisers with cruise missiles) and Warhead Upgrades(10% bigger boom per level.)

    Oh, and I just voted for Caldari btw :P

  3. Godlesswanderer Says:

    Thanks for the help, added them to my EVEMon skill plan.

  4. Manasi Says:

    NO no NO if your gonna PvP stay gallente…don't even bother with caldari missiles take too long..Yes rokh with rails is a mean ass sniper but for PvP the gallente have it …or Amarr for that matter

  5. Godlesswanderer Says:

    There's only really two reasons I want to fly Caldari.

    1) For a bit of variety.
    2) I feel the need to own a Drake.

    So don't worry, I don't intend for it to replace all my current PvP Gallente ships, just compliment them. :)

  6. Aurea Says:

    Missile PvP isn't all that bad. I knew a guy who had a pod killmail whoring drake fit that was simply obscene. And I've seen Sabre A(Mjistor Jedann) get many a killmail with a Cerberus.

    The trick is to get up close and personal with Heavy Assault Missiles, Torpedos and the like.

  7. Godlesswanderer Says:

    Yup, I've seen a fair few Drakes hold their own in a PvP situation. In my old pirate corp, one of the members even called his "The USS Unpoppable" as it'd stayed in one piece since he bought it. No idea what his fitting was though.

  8. Aurea Says:

    I couldn't give you an exact fit, but a mix of large extenders, hardeners, extender rigs and HAMs would give that effect.

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