EVE Fiction: Recruitment

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Some EVE based fan fiction to keep you going during the down time. This is my first ever try at fan fiction, so make sure to let me know what you think in the comments once you’re done reading.

Name: Aescian Blunaire
Profession: ‘Reformed’ low-life
Age: 23


So, there I was, sitting in the bar in the FDU (Federal Defence Union) station in Villore looking for work. Well, I wasn’t exactly actively looking, more like drinking some Quafe & whiskey (5 parts whiskey, 1 part Quafe) and feeling sorry for myself.
Anyway, that’s beside the point. So there I am minding my own business, when I hear someone shouting from the direction of the nearest hangar. Initially thinking that someone was in trouble, I rushed over to “help” but I found the Recruitment Officer of a Brutix class vessel that had recently arrived shouting out for new recruits.

Now, I probably should have turned and walked back to the bar (especially after seeing the ship’s name on a display, the USS Short Lived) but something about the prospect of living and working on a space vessel that can traverse the known galaxy drew me in. As soon as the Recruitment officer caught my eye, there was no escape. After a few papers filled out and signatures signed, this was my new job.

As I walked in through the bulkhead door, I was greeted by a woman named Jinta who offered to show me to my quarters. As we walked down the winding corridors, my mind trailed off trying to remember the directions and began to focus on other things.
I was glad that a Gallente vessel had come my way instead of another. Gallente vessels have a reputation for being the cleanest vessels among the other races. The air was nice and cool, and the metallic walls were refreshingly cold to the touch. The floors, walls and windows were clean; a lot cleaner than I had expected them to be considering that this vessel had just travelled through the vastness of space. But then again, this is a Gallente ship. What the Amarr use slaves for, the Gallente use drones for.
Before I knew it, we were at the door to my quarters and I was being handed a keycard.

No sooner had I boarded the vessel and been assigned a room was I given a task. Around ten other crew members and I were ordered to perform a check on the remaining rail gun ammo in the cargo hold. Before now I had never seen what capsuleers call ‘medium ammo’ and I had only caught a glimpse of some light ammo, but let me tell you now, this shit is far from medium sized! One chunk of the stuff is two and a half meters across!
We had been told that the pilot was getting restless while waiting for a corporation to accept his application and wanted to go out and destroy some of the local Serpentis pirates that regularly roam around the asteroid belts in Villore. I wasn’t sure how big these pirates’ ships were going to be but if they were anywhere near the size of these ammo chunks, they were in big trouble.
After performing our final check on the ammo and reporting back our findings, we were told that we had done a good job and that if we liked, we could go up to the observation deck to watch the ‘fireworks’ that were going to be happening soon.

It being my first time on a Brutix class vessel, I had no idea of the ship layout and had to find a more experienced crew member to show me the way. After some botched directions (I think the crewman was a bit drunk, either that or I am) and some wandering, I found my way to the observation deck just as the show started.

Being what most people call a ‘stationer’, before now I had never set foot outside of the Villore IV FDU station. This meant that in all of my 23 years, the relative in-station security of a Federation run station and the sentry guns protecting the station, I’d never seen ship-to-ship combat.


The *WOOOOSH* as the drones were released from their drone bay and zoomed towards the rats, as the Captain called them, sent shivers down my spine. The way the ship shook as the rail guns fired off their payloads, shook me to the very core… and I loved it!
I must have looked like a little kid on his birthday, staring at the battle unfolding before my eyes. Before not too long the three frigate class vessels were reduced to nothing but wrecks. I later heard over the intercom that during this short battle, the USS Short Lived’s shields were reduced by 5%. I didn’t even feel a thing!

I’ve waited way too long to fly onboard one of these capsuleers’ vessels. Let’s hope that this journey isn’t as short lived as the ship’s name suggests it will be.

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7 Responses to “EVE Fiction: Recruitment”

  1. Casiella Truza Says:

    Nice work, always like seeing these sorts of depictions of what we consider “standard” EVE life.

  2. Biomassed Says:

    Not half bad! Not bad at all.

    For daring to stick this in public view I commend you. For writing an interesting story with a large dash of realism I applaud you! Very often this kind of fiction is swamped in details specific to the game, you didn't do that, it worked well :)

    I do have one pointer, even though I to have fell in the same hole at times. Keep 'now' out of the story. an example is the ship name, which while extremely funny is rooted in the 20th century. I suspect that USS will mean nothing to anyone in a few thousand years. Explore wider terms or unusual names and don't be afraid to use them. Same goes with the whiskey. They probably have no idea how to ferment whiskey in New Eden so bring up a new name if possible. Its not easy, I know trust me, but its worth it :)

  3. Godlesswanderer Says:

    Thanks for the feedback. This is exactly the kind of feedback I'm looking for.

    The only reasons I went with whiskey and USS is that I took them to mean different things in the EVE universe. Similar to ship classes (i.e. Kestrel, Condor, etc.), the only knowledge they have of these names are legends and myths passed down through word of mouth. In other words, whiskey would be a totally different drink in EVE to the whiskey we know know. It'd only be called whiskey for either nostalgia or because the brewer found out it was a popular drink in legends he/she'd heard as a child.

  4. Biomassed Says:

    That reminds me of the G an T in Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy :) On all worlds and all universe there is a version of that drink, although it tastes nothing like the human Gin and Tonic.

  5. Godlesswanderer Says:

    Haha yeah, something like that.

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