Contest: EVE Haikus!

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Welcome to the first of (hopefully) many EVE related contests here on Articulated Sky.

For this first ever contest, it is your mission to write an EVE Online related haiku.


  • All haikus MUST be EVE related.
  • Your haikus must be submitted via a comment below this post.
  • You are allowed to enter anywhere between 1 and 3 haikus per comment.
  • You are only allowed one contest entry comment, although posting on other people’s haikus and generally commenting is fine.

For those of you who don’t know what a haiku is, in short it’s a short poem consisting of only three lines. None of the lines have to rhyme and there must be 17 syllables (5 in the first line, 7 in the second and 5 in the last).


  • First prize – A custom EVE graphic of your choice, free of charge.
  • Second prize – A custom EVE graphic of your choice at a quarter of the price.
  • Third prize – A custom EVE graphic at half price.

You can find my usual rates and some samples at my Custom Graphics page so you know what you’re getting into. ;)

Contest closes next Friday at 6pm GMT. Check out the closing time in your time zone here.

Hopefully once I have more money to spare, I’ll be able to offer some more juicy prizes.
That’s all from me, now get to posting those haikus!

Contest, EVE Online, Gaming, MMORPG, PC March 6th 2009

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14 Responses to “Contest: EVE Haikus!”

  1. Quin Says:

    Fly through a wormhole
    The Sleeper has Awakened
    Oh, he must be pissed

  2. Godlesswanderer Says:

    Haha that's a great one!

  3. Leumas Kharzim Says:

    In search of great wealth
    We traveled far from our home
    And lost all we knew

    Again, we venture
    Into the vast depths of space.
    Never to return?

  4. Godlesswanderer Says:

    Going for the serious kind, I see. I like them a lot.

  5. stnylan Says:


    The strip miner's hum
    Stops, a pirate starts to craft
    Tears in local com


    In Arzad, I die
    Transference, resurrection
    Emperor Station


    Come mission with me
    Avoid nasty p v p
    Fleet – you can trust me

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  7. Thestormo Says:

    Eve Online Griefing
    Those foolish to think you friend
    Will pay for their trust

  8. Godlesswanderer Says:

    Very nice, good luck.
    Pssst, make sure to post this contest around. ;)

  9. Godlesswanderer Says:

    Looking good. A little hard to read without it broken up into three lines though.

    Edit: Glad you've fixed it, but it makes me look silly now haha.

  10. Thestormo Says:

    I have/had no clue what you were talking about, I think it is how it appears in email when someone replies because in my email it showed one line but here it’s always been three.

  11. Godlesswanderer Says:

    Hmmm fair enough. When I first read the comment it was all on one line, no idea why that is then.

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  13. canada mystery serie Says:

    Thanks for sharing the good news…. : )

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