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As you all (should) know, Apocrypha,  the new EVE Online expansion is here! If you’re like me and you’ve been following the Apocrypha news and info closely up until now, you’ve got to find something new to do.
Luckily, I have something to fill that gap and this gap-filler comes in the form of a new poll!

One of the big announcements that came along with the announcement of Apocrypha was the release of the boxed version of EVE Online. Then along came the list of the special items, etc. that new players will recieve from buying it and tons of people went from “not getting it, it’s kinda pointless” to “I’m getting it ASAP!”.
So what I would like to know is, are you planning on getting it? And if so, why? Make sure to cast your vote and leave a comment below.

Personally, I won’t be getting it anywhere in the near future. I’m happy with my current not-very-special subscription; and while I do want that shuttle, I’m sure it’ll make its way onto the market in a matter of hours. That’s assuming it’s a unique item, not at first available to current subscribers.

On a short side note, don’t forget to enter into my haiku contest if you haven’t already!

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