It’s a trap!

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EVE hasn’t been kind to me lately. After losing my old Brutix (the USS Short Lived) just over a month ago, I took out my new replacement Brutix (The USS Shorter Lived) in Old Man Star last night. Unfortunately for me, it lived up to its name.

It was near the end of a boring night of “warp to Old Man Star V… scan asteroid belts… warp to Old Man Star VI… etc.” when I scanned down a Drake named “Salvage” in one of the asteroid belts. Initially I thought nothing of it and warped off to the next planet. On my next couple rounds of the system, I noticed that the Drake still hadn’t moved which I thought was odd.
On my next round I saw that the Drake was still there, so decided to warp in and have a look. Despite initially thinking it was a trap, I was put at ease by the fact that the Drake was surrounded by salvaged wrecks of the local Sansha rats. Thinking that the Drake fitted for mainly salvaging and was AFK, I started closing in to my optimum range, getting ready to target so as to tackle the Drake and catch him off guard. But to my surprise, he targeted me first. “Maybe he’s just come back and is fighting back out of panic”, I thought. Turns out I was wrong.

Little did I know that this Drake pilot was smarter than I had previously anticipated and I had flown into his carefully laid trap.

[ 2009.04.07 18:27:10 ] (notify) Kendrak Memonic [CVS](Drake) has started trying to warp scramble you!
[ 2009.04.07 18:27:15 ] (combat) Caldari Navy Terror Assault Missile belonging to Kendrak Memonic hits you, doing 949.3 damage.

Seconds later, I came to realise that there was nothing I could do. My blaster rounds and drones’ rounds were merely bouncing off the shields and my Brutix was bound for the great shipyard in the sky.


Now that my Brutix has taken the form of dust and metal chunks, I need a replacement ship. Just for a bit of variation, I’ll let you guys help me make the decision. For the ships I can fly, take a look at my in EvE ships page.

Do you think I should be flying a frigate or cruiser? Or should I be staying with a battlecruiser? Should I even try a battleship? If you have a suggestion, post away!


Slap me silly and call me admiral, I forgot to add the new poll!

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7 Responses to “It’s a trap!”

  1. Forgetful Old Me! | Articulated Sky Says:

    [...] to 40 (on Thursday), my old age must be getting to me! I completely forgot to add the new poll my It’s a trap! post and to change the poll in the sidebar! View [...]

  2. willmorgan Says:

    You won't be able to take much in a Thorax. If you want the same hull, go for a Deimos and gamble on the fact that a lot of nubs out there don't know how to fit a Drake. Flying a BS in low sec = suicide, and flying a frigate is nice if you want to go somewhere but solo, you're useless unless it's something like an Ishkur. Stay away from the gates though.

    You could just stay away from Old Man Star though, too many FW blobs there :)

  3. Godlesswanderer Says:

    Hehe yup. They'll be going towards a shiny new ship, just unsure of what ship yet.

  4. Godlesswanderer Says:

    Hehe I might just avoid Drakes altogether, I can never seem to find one that isn't fitted with a near unbreakable tank.

    By the way, if you haven't already, make sure to vote in the poll. :)

  5. wensley Says:

    I meant to reply to this when I read it the first time. You comment on my post has stirred me into action. For me its got to be the Rifter. I honestly just love this ship. I can take on all other T1 frigates with a good degree of confidence and pick of the majority of targets that I find in the area. What I can't kill I can usually hold onto long enough to call in support. Oh, and I can avoid most camps. Brilliant. All this for a dead cheap ship that I don't feel bad about having fun in. T1 frigates rock.

    All that said, I do want to start flying my Ruptures more.

  6. Jeneral Jane Says:

    I agree with wensley. As a new Minmatar, I'm going to be flying Rifters for quite awhile.

  7. Godlesswanderer Says:

    Hehe I had a feeling yours would be the Rifter.
    I might try out a Rifter one day, see what it can do.

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