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Last night I got an email (and not an EVE Mail, which was a nice change) from Jeneral Jane wanting a forum signature and killboard header made and after discussing a price I was given these parameters.

Common to both graphics:

I like the colors blue and black and I also like Rifters.  My name
“Jeneral Jane” shall appear on both and, beneath my name, the words
“Mistress of Malice”.  Please grab my portrait from within EVE to use
on both.

I really like a lot of the work Aberash has done over the years.  Here
is an example of one of his signatures and headers I really like:

I am not asking you to directly copy these.  I’d like you to use your
own creativity but I do really like the look and feel of these two.

For a font, I really like the font used in this signature below where
it says “Doomchinchilla”.  If you can find a font similar to this one
to use for my name, I’d appreciate it:

And from those parameters, I ended up coming up with the following two designs. Which Jeneral Jane liked and promptly paid for, leaving me 110 million ISK richer.

Forum Signature

Killboard Header

Click to see full size

Click to see full size

If you would like a custom EVE Online graphic of some sort created by me, feel free to send me an email using the Contact page or send an me EVE Mail in-game to Godlesswanderer. You can find my prices, along with a link to my gallery on my Custom Graphics page.


You can see the killboard header in action in it’s natural habitat at Jeneral Jane’s killboard.

EVE Online, Gaming, Graphics, MMORPG, PC April 9th 2009

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