Poll results & Possible site changes

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So, the poll results are in!

We had a total of 12 votes for this poll and a strangely uniform set of results. This time around, I asked you which ship I should pilot as my new pirate ship and as I expected, people seem to be pretty split about it.
And so, the results are…

  • Thorax – 3 votes – 25%
  • Brutix – 2 votes – 17%
  • Drake – 2 votes – 17%
  • Myrmidon – 2 votes – 17%
  • Other – 3 votes – 25%
    • Deimos – 1 vote
    • Nightmare – 1 vote
    • Ibis – 1 vote

To tell you the truth, I bought a Thorax not long after I started this poll as I missed flying in what some people call the flying dildo of EVE.

I’ve already got a fit in mind for it but unfortunately, I’m about a week or two from actually being able to fit the majority of it so I’ll post it up once I’ve managed to fit it and test it out in actual combat. In the mean time though, don’t worry, I’ll still be my usual active self.

Anyway, in other news. Those of you who are following me on Twitter will have been able to get sneak peeks at a little change to the site I’d been thinking about doing. Although, that said, only EVE Warrior of EVE’s Weekend Warrior replied when I asked for input so I assume that most of you lot didn’t see it.
For those of you that haven’t seen it, or did see it but may have been confused, here’s a little explanation.

In the near future, I’m looking at creating an online portfolio for a place to show off my best photography, graphics and general design work. By this time, the portfolio site and this blog will have a front page giving the reader a choice of whether they want to go to the portfolio or this blog. Now, on the portfolio site, this will be an easy job. All I would need to do is have the choices page be the index page and the main be www.sitename.com/home or something like that. The blog on the other hand is a little bit more difficult.

This blog already exists and as such, there are pages and posts on the web that are linking to posts here. I cannot move the blog to www.articulatedsky.com/blog as that will break every link that points here and kill a lot of my referral traffic*. The work around that I have devised for this is to have all traffic going to www.articulatedsky.com, automatically diverted (via the Page Links To plugin) to the location of the page to create a fake front page. The blog link on this page will seem like it’s taking you to the normal blog front page but if you looked at the address bar, it will actually have taken you to page 1 of the post list which in fact looks near enough identical to the default front page (the only difference being the title saying “Articulated Sky | Part 1″.

*However, if you know of a way to do this without breaking every link, you’d save me a lot of trouble. Contact me if you can help.

I forgot to mention, while I will definitely be having this front page on my portfolio site, the front page for the blog is only possibly happening (depending on your feedback).

Anyway, those are my plans. As on Twitter, I’m looking for your opinions on this and if any of you are suitably web savvy, your opinions on any other ways to solve my problem.

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