I seem to be cursed

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I’m starting to think that I may be cursed when it comes to corporations.


The Galactic Inquisition, my previous corp, seemed like it was on it’s last legs the day I joined but I was assured that it was a temporary glitch in corp activity and that I should stick around to see the corp at it’s best; and for around a month, I was convinced that it was only temporary. We went on a couple 0.0 ops (although they amounted to giant wastes of time) and I had some nice chats with the other members.
Unfortunately, during this time, the CEO had been coming online less and less and despite a corp mail promising that he would be online a lot more. He even promised 100 million ISK and a Battleship to every corp member if he went back on his promise. Needless to say, no one got the 100 mil and Battleship each and the corp mail was deleted from the corp inbox a week later.

A week later, I logged in to find that the corp had joined the Dark Matter Consortium alliance which seemed kind of pointless for a corporation that I seemed to be the only active member of. Over the next week or so, there was talk of the corporation moving to the Alliance HQ in hopes of encouraging the corp members to become active again but unfortunately, I could see that it was not happening.
Because I could see that joining the alliance was nothing more than a desperate attempt that was failing, I moved back to Notoras and just watched the corporation slowly go under.

A week later, I had a change of heart and decided to stick with the corp and see how it all goes. Unfortunately, I logged in to find that I was no longer a member of The Galactic Inquisition (I assume all but the CEO and his alts were kicked) and they had left the Dark Matter Consortium. So here I am, sitting in Old Man Star, without a corporation and without a decent ship to fly.

Having the last three corporations I’ve joined go under no more than a couple months after I’ve joined has knocked my confidence in the ability of the average, everyday corporation to stay active member-wise and corp op-wise.
I may end up going solo for a while, which shouldn’t be too much of a problem as I tend to prefer solo PvP anyway.

While I have a think on my plan of attack, I’ve set up a poll so you can let me know what you think. And as always, leave a comment and let me know what your opinion is on the situation.

Next time, I’ll have a header to post that will be featured among others on a new EVE Online blogging platform which is going into beta very soon!

Fly safe.

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