Well that was a close one!

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Earlier today, I logged into EVE to change a skill to find that my subscription had expired. Being that I hadn’t realised that my subscription needed renewing, I hadn’t made sure that I had some extra money stored away for another 60 days of EVE time. This led me to post a tweet in which I did what all good Twitter users do, complain. I then went downstairs to watch the new Ross Kemp in Search of Pirates and just forgot about it.
Around an hour later, I came back online to check my emails and I found an email that gave me that feeling of excitement that I only really feel on birthdays and Christmas. Diana, of EVE Time Code, had seen my tweet of despair and had very kindly donated the money for me to buy another 60 days of EVE and for that, I am infinitely grateful.

Next time you need to buy a time code or two (or more!), please consider getting them from Diana at EveTimeCode.com. I’d greatly appreciate it and I’m sure she would too.

EVE Online, Gaming, MMORPG, PC, Twitter June 8th 2009

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