EVE Fiction: Drifter

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Internal log
04:33 ICT (Internal Capsule Time)

Some say that in the cold, dark depths of space, no one can hear you scream.

They would be right.

Of course, I’ve given up screaming now. No one’s coming.

It’s been months according to my pod’s internal clock but I’ve drifted past so many inhabited planets, moons and even asteroid clusters, all going through their own unique solar orbit that my pod’s internal clock and my body’s own internal clock are massively out of sync. So much so, that I often find myself waking up without any recollection of ever falling asleep.

Every now and then I catch glimpses of a distant object reflecting the sun’s rays back at me. Usually it takes a few minutes for the random glint to disappear but sometimes I happen to be drifting in its general direction.

There have been 58 moments like this and of course, it’s never a ship. It’s usually a chunk of space debris, or a piece of asteroid blasted free by a misaligned mining laser. The feeling of disappointment when drifting towards what may be life and then finding it’s an inanimate object is indescribable.
It’s then that I wish my pod had full functionality. One painless, self inflicted zap to my cerebral cortex and I’d be waking up in a fresh new body back in a warm, cushy Gallente station. But no, I cannot be rewarded with this sweet release. It seems that I am forever cursed to drift through the frozen wastelands of wherever I am.

After the destruction of my ship, my pod was quickly locked and fired upon. Luckily for me, the one shot the attackers managed to get off only glanced off my pod. Unluckily for me, that shot hit one of the main circuit clusters and knocked out all but a few of my pod’s systems. It also cracked the fuel casing and I immediately started leaking fuel. I had enough fuel to get away but not enough to stop my ship drifting and not enough active systems to accurately guide my pod to a safe destination.
I managed to warp to a nearby safe spot but my fuel ran out as I dropped out of warp, which was when I started to drift.

Maybe, as an old Amarr friend of mine would say, this is atonement for my sins earlier in life. We capsuleers are immortal so the Gods have to find other ways to punish us for committing sins.
Of course, I believe that it’s all bullshit but it sure does make you think and I’ve got a hell of a long time to think out here.

Capsuleer scan initiated.
Subject is unresponsive.
Result: 95% chance of unconsciousness.

Communications incoming…

From: Captain Yugari; CSS Flybird

This is Captain Yugari of the CSS Flybird, please respond. We are a member of the Concord Search & Rescue fleet. We received your pod’s automated distress calls and came as soon as possible.

Attempting to wake subject.

This is Captain Yugari of the CSS Flybird, please respond.

Attempting to wake subject…

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