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As you might have noticed, and I hope you have, I’ve changed the blog theme for the first time in almost a year. Or the first time ever if you didn’t read my blog back when it was WordPress hosted.
I’ve been admiring the themes on offer over at Podlogs for quite some time now and I’d been mulling over which one to get until finally, I chose one and boy am I happy! Since the launch of Podlogs, I’ve been jealous of the simply amazing themes and I had been becoming increasingly more fed up with my old theme. So, what do you think? Good change or bad change?

In other news… there is no other news. EVE’s been rather dull lately, with nothing at all going on in the PvP department. For some reason all the low sec systems in the area have had their usual population cut down by around half and I can’t figure out why.
So, instead of that, I’ve been doing something I’ve been meaning to do for years and started training the Advanced Learning skills. I would post up my little training queue but I can’t seem to find a way to copy a training skill queue to the clipboard using EVEHQ. I really like EVEHQ but I can’t help going back to EVEMon and EFT for certain little things that I’m used to using but that EVEHQ doesn’t have.

In other, other news, my lots and lots of free time this Summer means that I have a lot of time to take any EVE graphics requests. You can find my prices at my Custom EVE Graphics page along with some links to examples. Feel free to contact me via email or my Contact page. Although you can also contact me in-game, the end of my current game time is only a few days away and I’m not sure whether I’ll have the money for another time card right away. So until I can be 100% sure that I have more game time, it’s best to only use email or my contact page.

Fly safe.

EVE Online, Gaming, Graphics, MMORPG, PC August 6th 2009

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10 Responses to “Theme Change”

  1. Galen Says:

    Looks great mate!!!

  2. Morph Says:

    Looks good !

  3. alaph Says:

    Looks amazing mate.

  4. Godlesswanderer Says:

    Thanks! :D
    I was tempted for a little while to try and design my own theme but I think using a Podlogs one is the safer option.

  5. Godlesswanderer Says:

    Thanks man! ^_^

  6. Godlesswanderer Says:

    Hehe thanks. Reckon I made the right choice out of all the themes on the site?

  7. Casiella Truza Says:

    So you use a podlog theme here/

    Also, I should really get back with you on that pending graphics stuff we started months ago before I dropped out of sight. :o

  8. Godlesswanderer Says:

    Haha you definitely should.

  9. Kename Fin Says:

    I have to agree, I like the theme. I'm also glad to see you back and more active. Noticed a lot more ship time it seems as well.

  10. Godlesswanderer Says:

    It's good to know that people are glad that I'm back. I had started to think that no one reads my blog anymore!

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