Back in the Pack!

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We’re back!

Man, it feels good to be back in the blog pack again. Those of you that weren’t around during the time EVE blogging was just taking off (i.e. when people started noticing that EVE blogs existed*) might not know, but I was one of the original EVE Blog Pack members. Of course a few months later, I started to get behind on EVE and my graphics so I had nothing to blog about. Then that eventually led to me being removed from the pack. Have no fear though! I’m going to do my absolute best to stop that happening again.

* AKA – A couple years ago.

I can’t wait to see whether my addition to the blog pack brings any new readers to the blog. By the way, if you’re a new reader, leave me a comment and let me know that you’re here!

I almost forgot, if you’re sitting there and wondering WTF the EVE blog pack is, click on this linky and wonder no more.


In other news. Still no updates on the ISP front. Still being disconnected every few minutes so I’ve had to resort borrowing a T-Mobile USB Web and Walk thingymajig, and even that seems to randomly disconnect due to spotty mobile signal in my area. I seem to get blazingly fast HSDPA speeds sometimes but an agonisingly slow GPRS connection most of the time.

On the graphics front, I’ve got two paid (as in real moneys!) jobs lined up. One is going to be a web site design for a game time re-seller, and the other is for a site that I am under orders to keep secret until launch so my money problems should solve themselves sooner rather than later. Well, providing that the communication problems that we’ve been having clear up.

On a more personal note, I am now (not through my own choice) single.  Well, to be more specific, I’m in the “will we get back together, won’t we” area. As can be expected with things like this, it’s insanely complicated and probably won’t work itself out for a while.

By the way, I also have copies of the graphics above with black text if any blog pack members wish to use them. That is all.
Good luck fellow new Blog Pack members!

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9 Responses to “Back in the Pack!”

  1. Myrhial Arkenath Says:

    Welcome back on the pack then. A first time for me.

    Nifty logo's, but they are quite big, how about smaller versions with just the graphic and not the text to fit into the sidebar?

  2. Kename Fin Says:

    Good to have you back. You were missed [at least by me] and I kept checking back just to see if you were really just stealth posting w/o notifying anyone. :)

    Maybe someday I'll have BlogPack potential… in sha allah.

  3. Godlesswanderer Says:

    That can definitely be done. I'm laying in bed right now (commenting
    from my phone) but i'll do those for you in an hour or so.

  4. Godlesswanderer Says:

    Here you go. :)

    <img src=""> <img title="" src="">
    <img src=""> <img src="">

  5. Godlesswanderer Says:

    Hehe good to know that I was missed.

    Always remember to try and make your blog unique and constantly try to improve it for your readers and you'll be there in no time. :)

  6. CrazyKinux Says:

    Glad to have you back!

  7. TheElitist Says:

    Well good that you're back, I try to read every blog that's in the opml when possible, but it's almost impossible it's like reading 60 blog entries a day. But I'll also keep inproving and might join you someday :)

  8. jamenta Says:

    Welcome to the pack … a double re-welcome! I know that once CK added my blog to the pack numbers started going up on all fronts. It's of some interest to what people look for in your BLOG.

    Some stuff can be rather obvious though. Write about recent topics … you get hits. Write about some PvP fight you get hits. Put a cool looking picture with a funny caption you get some hits not as much.

    Write about some philosophical point in Eve … well, you get to enjoy writing about it and maybe CK will read it and 1 or 2 others. But I'm thankful for that.

  9. Godlesswanderer Says:

    Ooops, they got pulled from EVE Files for not being directly EVE related. Sorry about that.
    Got some new links here though.

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