EVE Blog Pack: RSS & OPML Icons

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About a week or two ago now, I created myself a few quick icons and images for the EVE Blog Pack links. And while I originally intended to give them a post of their own, a graphics project caused it to it totally slip my mind.

Any members of the Blog Pack (or any EVE bloggers wanting to promote the blog pack) can use these. Just make sure to save them onto your computer and host them somewhere else. I’d love to host these for everyone’s use but with my currently money troubles, I’d rather not have to pay for extra bandwidth or have my site offline for the rest of the month!

So, we have some “click here” images. One set for dark backgrounds and another set for lighter backgrounds.

And we’ve got some small icons for both the RSS and OPML links.



If you need anything else made up (any blog pack other icons, sizes, etc.), leave me a comment and I’ll get to work for you. Free of charge of course. :)

Blog Pack, Graphics September 20th 2009

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2 Responses to “EVE Blog Pack: RSS & OPML Icons”

  1. Galen Says:

    Just a note, the OPML download is not just the EVE Blog pack, but rather all the EVE related blogs, including the EVE blog pack.

  2. Godlesswanderer Says:

    I should really have realised that since I use your OPML download myself, but I guess it just totally slipped my mind and I got carried away. I'll change it tomorrow morning. Until then, I need to get me some beauty sleep! :D

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