TOP 5: Best movies based on video games


TOP 5: Las mejores películas basadas en videojuegos

On this occasion putlocker administrators do a count of some of the films that have been inspired by video games.


Although in cinema gamer most of the time has harsh criticism and while Hollywood has earned notoriety in this kind of films, we decided to make a compilation of the films that our criteria are best inspired by video games to show that they are not always harmful.


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5. Prince of Persia: The Sands Of Time (2010)

While many critics disparaged it as a movie based on a video game, Prince of Persia: the sands of time, has very good actors such as Jake Gyllenhaal as the Persian Prince and good special effects, still is a good production with a story that combines both worlds.



4. final Fantasy: The Spirits Within (2001)

This film is a real gem if we refer to its sorprendente level of animation for the year 2001 and until today they fascinate their Visual effects, in addition to this being a good adaptation creating a plot that transports us to the Final Fantasy universe brought to the big screen.



3 Silent Hill (2006)

Many judged the film for not following any of the arguments of the games that make up this saga of survival horrors by Konami and although got them a little difficult to transport the tension of the story of the game itself, manages to capture very well on the big screen many of the nightmares and frightening creatures that inhabit this silent Hill.



2 Resident Evil (2002)

Thanks to this game the word umbrella has another meaning for many, being a success, which led to a series of five films based on this game and all starring Milla Jovovich , in which she plays Alice, although this itself did not belong, at least not directly, to the canon of this saga. Despite not being completely true to the game, these films have a different story but with great respect for the original material, including concrete elements of the games, such as the virus, zombies, among others.



1.Mortal Kombat (1995)

This film fits very well the fighting in tournaments of martial arts who are enjoying the game as such, thus being a great classic films based on video games, remaining faithful to this with magnificent scenes of fight, very well choreographed and its special effects were very advanced for the time, above all for the great work that was recreating Goro.



Although it is the oldest film of all this count, it’s worth seeing it and especially if you have played this famous video game.

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