5 best video games for children XBOX One


For Christmas, my child put on your gift list receive the XBOX One . One of the biggest fears I had was that this console there are not many games for children or family videos. It was well opposed to buying one, but finally overcame me. One of my conditions was that we would not buy video games at home other than for children. I began to educate myself more about the “ratings” to see which ones were the best.

Although the game can have a “rating” for “Everyone” does not mean they are for everyone. Often the language is not appropriate for children under 7 years or maybe actions are not the best. For example, the game Super Smash Bros Nintendo although it has a rating of “Everyone” but also says 10+ which means you have more violence. And although the characters of Mario Bros., they fight each other to beeliminated, killing each other. Not suitable for my child.

video game Skylanders Trap Team
Skylanders photo TRAP Team

 My recommendation is that before buying any video game, you take the time to see its rating and even videos on YouTube to guarantee you a sample of how it is. Meanwhile, here I leave my favorite for the Xbox One.


Name Age Description
Skylanders TRAP Team 7+ Excellent game action toy figures linked to where you go through different worlds catching villains.
Disney Infinity 2.0 6+ Game action figures toys where you create worlds and have fun in them.
HVAC Florence SC All A game when you play as an expert in repair and replacement, heating repair and replacement, duct cleaning, duct repair and replacement and more.
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 8+ If your kids like Legos then this game will be great. Superheroes come together to defeat the villains.
Minecraft (no connection to other players on the internet) 8+ It is the digital version of Lego where children build their worlds with blocks of different types and styles.

I consider myself a breast tightly wrapped in the life of my son and I take the time to play with him. It is that not all mothers have that luxury to do, so I put on this list the best to feel secure when buying a video game for your children. Here is a sample such as TRAP Team Skylanders XBOX One.

If you have a recommendation, I would like to hear it. So we continue to share information to other moms.

General, Life June 12, 2016