Contest Results & New Graphics


Results, ahoy!

So, here we are, the latest Articulated Sky contest finished yesterday evening and I’ve read the entries and it’s time for me to pick the winners.

To be honest, I’m quite disappointed this time around. I only ended up receiving just enough entries, so no one really lost this time. In spite of this, I want to say thank you to the three readers who did enter. Your contributions were greatly appreciated. :)

  1. Morphisat – Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
  2. Kirith Kodachi – “It wasn’t supposed to happen this way”
  3. EVE Warrior – Entry sent via submission form.

You guys can claim your prizes (ISK and a GameScribe invite) by contacting me via my contact page and letting me know the email address that you want the invite sent to and the character that you want the ISK sent to.

The rest of you, you have the chance to let me know in the comments what kinds of contests you would be most likely to enter in the future. Providing that I get enough of your opinions, it’ll help me to hold more fun and rewarding contests in the future!

The name’s signature, forum signature…

As I mentioned back over a week ago, there were some signature plans for Kirith Kodachi that were left unfinished after Kirith changed alliance. This time I thought I’d go for a type of forum signature I hadn’t tried before, incorporating transparency and a ship coming out of the main portion of the image.

If you would like a custom EVE Online graphic of some sort created by me, feel free to send me an email using the Contact page or send an me EVE Mail in-game to Godlesswanderer. You can find my prices, along with a link to my gallery on my Custom Graphics page.
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Contest: Write an EVE fan fiction!


Just under a week ago, I mentioned that I would be posting a header I created for the new gaming based blogging site, GameScribe, which is currently in closed beta. Turns out I was wrong about it being just EVE Online based, but that doesn’t make it any less interesting.

In case word hasn’t reached your ears yet, GameScribe is a new project started by the EVE player you may know as Serious Sally or Malnor Zerchan (or maybe just Anthony). At the risk of greatly stuffing up a description of GameScribe, here’s a short description from Anthony’s GameScribe blog.

Well, what is GameScribe you might ask? Think of it as for Gamers. The idea is that I will provide gamers with blog themes and plugins that help them really have real gamer blogs… Not cookie cutter blog templates that anyone can make a blog in, but game specific templates. This theme, for example is one of the themes I’ve put together for EVE Online players. But I have also made some for WOW, and Jumpgate Evolution. Even more are coming (Black Prophecy, SWTOR, STO, SGW, the list goes on).

Anyway, long story short, Anthony came to me earlier last week asking me whether I wanted to be a part of the GameScribe design team. Of course I accepted and he got me working right away on a header for an upcoming theme he would be creating. That header (which I am actually quite proud of), you can see below. It was created almost entirely from scratch, the only thing that I did not create was the Astartes, they came from two different screenshots.

Click image to see full size

As part of the Gamescribe design team, I’ve managed to get hold of a few invites (three to be exact) to give away in my next contest. And luckily for you guys, you only have to wait around five seconds for the new contest!

Wasn’t that a quick five seconds?

This time around, your task is to write a piece of fan fiction on a given theme. The rules, along with the theme are as follows;


  • Your fan fiction entry must be based around the theme, “It wasn’t supposed to happen this way”. Apart from including that theme into your story, you have complete and total freedom.
  • There is no upper or lower limit on words.
  • As of this posting, you have two weeks (16th May) to write and post your best EVE Online Fan Fiction!
  • As I expect these fan fictions to be quite long (at least the size of an average blog post), you must post them on your blog and link back to this post. If you do not have a blog (all the more reason to enter this contest!), you must email the story to me using the contest entry form below.
Contest Entry Form
  1. (required)
  2. (valid email required)
  3. (required)

cforms contact form by delicious:days

So, what will you get if you enter this contest and win?

First Prize: A Gamescribe invite + 50 million ISK
Second Prize: A GameScribe invite + 25 million ISK
Third Prize: A GameScribe invite + 10 million ISK

You know what to do, get those entries posted!

Apocrypha is here & New Poll!

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As you all (should) know, Apocrypha,  the new EVE Online expansion is here! If you’re like me and you’ve been following the Apocrypha news and info closely up until now, you’ve got to find something new to do.
Luckily, I have something to fill that gap and this gap-filler comes in the form of a new poll!

One of the big announcements that came along with the announcement of Apocrypha was the release of the boxed version of EVE Online. Then along came the list of the special items, etc. that new players will recieve from buying it and tons of people went from “not getting it, it’s kinda pointless” to “I’m getting it ASAP!”.
So what I would like to know is, are you planning on getting it? And if so, why? Make sure to cast your vote and leave a comment below.

Personally, I won’t be getting it anywhere in the near future. I’m happy with my current not-very-special subscription; and while I do want that shuttle, I’m sure it’ll make its way onto the market in a matter of hours. That’s assuming it’s a unique item, not at first available to current subscribers.

On a short side note, don’t forget to enter into my haiku contest if you haven’t already!

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Apocrypha Trailer


For those of you like me that have been busy over the weekend, you may have missed the new Apocrypha trailer being released. Luckily for you, that’s what I’m here for.
You can find it below in all it’s HD YouTube glory. Make sure to click the little “HD” button in the bottom right.

While this is a very (read: EXTREMELY) cool looking trailer, I can’t help but feel a little underwhelmed. Don’t get me wrong, I love the trailer and I still love EVE; but it just doesn’t seem like any of the older expansion trailers we all know and love.

I’m all for the interfaces that come up (or in the last trailers, the news ticker banner showing other top stories), those make the EVE universe seem all the more real. But I miss the narration over the top that most, if not all, trailers before had featured. Maybe they’re trying to get a short, sharp burst of coolness in there for the average joe in preparation for the retail release, but what about us faithful EVE Players? When do we get back the kinds of trailers we all love?

In other news, don’t forget to give my EVE Haiku contest a go! Even if you post a haiku for fun and have no intention of winning, I’d love to read it. Feel free to post funny, serious, or even silly ones. As long as they’re EVE related, they stand a chance at winning.

Fly safe boys and girls.

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Contest: EVE Haikus!


Welcome to the first of (hopefully) many EVE related contests here on Articulated Sky.

For this first ever contest, it is your mission to write an EVE Online related haiku.


  • All haikus MUST be EVE related.
  • Your haikus must be submitted via a comment below this post.
  • You are allowed to enter anywhere between 1 and 3 haikus per comment.
  • You are only allowed one contest entry comment, although posting on other people’s haikus and generally commenting is fine.

For those of you who don’t know what a haiku is, in short it’s a short poem consisting of only three lines. None of the lines have to rhyme and there must be 17 syllables (5 in the first line, 7 in the second and 5 in the last).


  • First prize – A custom EVE graphic of your choice, free of charge.
  • Second prize – A custom EVE graphic of your choice at a quarter of the price.
  • Third prize – A custom EVE graphic at half price.

You can find my usual rates and some samples at my Custom Graphics page so you know what you’re getting into. ;)

Contest closes next Friday at 6pm GMT. Check out the closing time in your time zone here.

Hopefully once I have more money to spare, I’ll be able to offer some more juicy prizes.
That’s all from me, now get to posting those haikus!

Contest, EVE Online, Gaming, MMORPG, PC March 6th 2009