Petition to get Dust 514 on PC


I’m sure you’ve all already heard about the new game by CCP that was recently announced, Dust 514. Understandably, some people are pretty peeved that after years of keeping CCP going on the PC, they’re releasing a game solely on consoles. Potentially shutting out some of the already solidly established fan base. One of these peeved players (Sable Blitzmann) has started a thread on the EVE forums for other players to sign if they agree that Dust 514 should be on PC as well as consoles.

The idea of an EVE FPS has excited me for a while now, but it’s absolutely infuriating that CCP has decided to release this game solely on consoles. Quite frankly, it’s a slap in the face to the current EVE community (since we’re all on PC’s to begin with).

Please, sign this petition if you’d like this game to eventually be released for the PC too. Apparently, porting a 360 game to the PC is not too intensive and completely possible, so it shouldn’t be too much trouble. Besides, what happens to this new game when the next gen of consoles comes around and the 360 is left in the dust (lol, pun)?

/signed :D

Personally, I’m all for Dust being on PCs as well as consoles. I massively prefer playing an FPS on PC. I’m all for the improved accuracy that a mouse offers over a controller pad and a little joystick. CCP could even follow in the footsteps of the 2007 Xbox 360 game Shadowrun and implement some very light auto aiming for console players to counteract the improved accuracy of the PC players.

For me, it goes a little like this;

Chance of me playing an FPS MMO on a console = Slim to none
Chance of me playing an FPS MMO on a PC = Extremely effing likely!

If you also agree with this, go ahead and leave your opinion (or even just a ‘/signed’) at the forum thread.

Disclaimer: It’s not 100% definite that there will not be a PC version at the moment as the only news we have is that console versions have been confirmed but a PC version hasn’t been denied. That said, why would they withhold PC release info from the players of their PC only game? Surely, they’d announce that first.

CCP, Dust 514, EVE Online, Gaming, MMORPG, PC August 19th 2009