Where have I been?!

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You’re probably wondering where the hell I’ve been over the past few weeks and why I seem to have dropped off the face of the earth.

So, where have I been?

For starters, I’ve been trying to get a bit of extra money to both help with expenses over the summer (being a jobless student means that over the summer, my income amounts to more or less zero) and so I can buy my girlfriend a decent birthday present on her birthday in August.
The way I’ve been trying to go about this has so far been to try and get some freelance graphic design work but it seems that it’s not all that easy. It took me a good week or so to realise that people won’t accept job bids unless I have a portfolio ready to show them. That in itself is impossible seeing as I have done a total of 0 paid jobs, let alone any that I could show off. So off I went to try and design a webpage that I could use a personal portfolio.

Designing a portfolio is haaaaard…

I didn’t realise at first but it really quite hard to design a well designed web page from scratch (via Photoshop) and then get it working in Dreamweaver. I first went in there knowing nothing about what structure I wanted and came out with a design looking relatively okay at first but being a total mess when I took it into the coding stage.
Now we get to around 3 or 4 days ago and I’ve created a few logos for my website (and eventually for any business cards or anything else), mostly for a bit of a distraction so I don’t go ploughing head on into the website design again and make even more design mistakes.
Below, you can find the loads of designs I’m having trouble choosing from. I would be extremely grateful if you could all give me your opinions on which design you prefer. Personally, I like 4, 8 and 9 so you can see why I’m having problems. Although I am leaning more towards 9, I’m still stuck.

Simlish 101

I recently managed to get a copy of The Sims 3 after hearing tons of “Oh my god, you have to play it!” from a ton of friends and while it is a lot like The Sims 1 and 2, I seem to be able to lose hours and hours playing it. For example, yesterday, I started playing it at around 1:00pm; I later came off the computer around an hour later, or so I thought. I had actually been playing for three hours!

Mind you, it was a fun three hours. But I couldn’t help but be a little freaked out at the thought of waking up to my recently dead wife taking a nap on my bed. Luckily, she whooshed back into her urn about half an hour before the elderly Karl (I have a habit of making my first Sim a copy of me) and his teenage son woke up.

EVE Achievements!

Now to what brought me here. Why doesn’t EVE Online have achievements? I would actually fall in love with EVE a lot more than I already am if I also had a load of achievements to pursue while going around doing my everyday activities.
Until a CCP employee reads this and begs their superiors to implement achievements, I can quite very happily make do with a recent addition to the Avatars United application selection, EVE Achievements.
Also, while you’re there, make sure to add me via my Avatars United profile page and help me get my ‘unite with 5 avatars’ profile completeness.

I’m hoping that my recent lack of posting hasn’t turned any of you off from reading my blog and providing all goes well, I should be posting a lot more during the coming weeks. Fly safe!

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Non EVE: Jabba the Snow

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Now, I know this isn’t EVE related at all but I’m pretty proud of a recent creation of mine (created with the help of my brother and sister). If you have been following my Twitter updates, you’ll know that the UK has been hit by around 7-8 inches of snow in the past 24 hours, which is pretty out of the ordinary. In fact, it’s the most amount of snow the UK has seen in 18 years, which explains why the #uksnow hashtag has overtaken the superbowl and the snow seems to be all anyone is talking about.

I seem to have veered slightly off course. Anyway, I present to you, Jabba the Hutt Snow!

He originally started out as a snowman base but just after starting the torso section of the snowman, we realised that it’d make a great Jabba the Hutt so we carried on. As he was created around 4 hours ago and we’ve had a steady lot of snow since then, he’s now a fluffy lump in the snow.

Has anyone else made anything out of snow that you were particularly proud of? Maybe something EVE related?
Make sure to link to pictures if you have any! I’d love to see some EVE style snow creations.

My Goals for 2009


For once, I actually want to do a 2008 retrospective post this time around. But unfortunately, as my blog has only been at its own domain since mid-december, I don’t really have enough blog or comment statistics to write a decent post about it. That said, I quickly realised that I hadn’t written a goals/predictions/resolutions post, well… ever. So I’d better get cracking.

  • Finish World War Z – Heather got it for me back in April and I still haven’t finished it. I got about half way through in the space of a couple days then put it down and started reading other books.
  • Finish Eve: The Empyrean Age – I read a couple pages of it while on holiday back in August and haven’t read any of it since.
  • Buy more comics – Heather kind of unintentionally turned me into a minor comic book geek and now I’m determined to build up a collection, although I’d sure it’ll turn out to be quite a small one. Speaking of comics, anyone have any recommendations? The only one I’ve bought so far is issue 1 of the second series (already read the first series) of The Umbrella Academy.
  • Quit smoking for good – While I haven’t had a cigarette for about two weeks and I feel fine, I’ve gone longer before and then started again just because I was bored.
    I’m a strange smoker. I never smoke when I’m alone at home and I never really feel the need to smoke. But if I’m waiting for something or someone for a while, I’ll sometimes have two or three in a row just out of boredom.
  • Pay more attention to Heather when online - Heather suggested this one.
  • Learn to play guitar – I’ve wanted to learn to play guitar for a while now and my brother doesn’t use his anymore so it’s the perfect opportunity. I’m one of those people that want to learn but don’t want to pay for lessons so I’ll have to try to teach myself.

And finally:

  • Blog more – I have three-ish blogs scattered around the internet, but I only post semi-regularly in this one. So, I plan to post more in this one, and start posting again in my others.

That’s all for now. There are more but I don’t want to overload myself with goals because that’ll only make it more likely that I won’t achieve them.

Anyone else have any goals that they want to achieve by the end of this year?

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New Beta: Fuggidy

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Right, so I was thinking, since I can’t play EVE anymore (no extra money to spend on a subscription) I thought I’d go back to the original purpose of this blog at least until I can get back into EVE. Now onto the main subject of the post.

I received an invite to a website beta that I didn’t sign up to today. Thinking (perhaps foolishly) that I had been chosen specifically, I’ve gone ahead and created an account.

Fuggidy Main Page

Fuggidy Main Page

I should probably say now that as I didn’t sign up for a beta invite, I’m not entirely sure what Fuggidy is. But, after a bit of searching it seems that Fuggidy is a new competitor to brightkite and Fire Eagle.
On face value, it seems that it won’t be much of a competitor, but I’m going to be using it as often as I can over the next week or so and see if it really has a stake in the location based social networking scene.
After a quick look, it seems pretty average, nothing new. Although the addition of manual location adding seems interesting. If you can’t find your location in the pre-set location list (after entering zip code/post code), just enter a name and a location and Fuggidy will log your newly created location.

As a bit of fun, I’ve created a poll below. With this poll, you can tell me your opinion on what you want to read about in this blog. As I’m sure a lot of you will have multiple reasons for coming to this blog, you can have multiple answers. So, answer away!

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Nothing to report


There’s been nothing new going on in my little area of EVE lately (mainly because I haven’t had the time to log on for any significant amount of time) so this post is mainly a short update on my online and gaming life.

I recently managed to get a (slightly) early copy of the trial version of the Spore Creature Creator and I’ve been spending a lot of my time creating weird and wonderful creatures. Some of which you can see below.




To kind of balance out me torrenting the leaked version, I pre-ordered the full version of the Spore Creature Creator while µTorrent was going to work. My other reasons behind this (of course, there had to be more) were that the trial version only features 25% of the creature parts, while the full version features all 200+ unique parts and saves £4.99 off the retail price of the full game if ordered from the EA website.

Onto a less gaming-centred topic, I recently started a photo blog for my random photos. So, if you’re interested in seeing some of my best (in my opinion) photos, head over to my personal photo blog and subscribe to the RSS feed if you’re that way inclined.

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