April Fool: EVE Online 2009 - a Carebear’s Eden?

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I’ve never mentioned it here before but by way of a friend of a friend I’ve come into contact with a CCP employee from the offices in Atlanta. Due to the sensitive nature of this information she has asked me to withhold her name and job title, so lets call her April.

Carebear Online

It’s no secret that the world ecomony is bad right now and it’s not going to get any better in the forseeable future. I’m sure that you’ve all even been affected by it in one way or another. It seems that CCP’s apparent relative invulnerability regarding the situation in Iceland isn’t as accurate as people make it out to be. April tells me that there has been talk among the CCP management (that has made it’s way down the chain) of dropping the PvP aspect of EVE or at the very least dialing it down a considerable amount. The apparent reasoning behind this is that CCP are losing more and more subscribers due to the relentlessness of EVE’s PvP activities as I’m sure you’ve noticed. Afterall, if it wasn’t for these subscribers leaving, the ever popular question “Can I have your stuff?” wouldn’t be so popular.

EVE Uncertainty

April has assured me that while the decision is up in the air at the moment, with the economy the way it is, it is a very real possibility. There are also some other ideas floating around the CCP offices (Reykjavik and Atlanta), ranging from getting rid of the single ’server’ play-type that EVE is famous for in favour of PvP and PvE ‘Universes’, to doing something as simple as raising the subscription prices.

EVE Online as we know it is hanging in the balance.

Fly safe.

Fanfest Teaser Ahoy & Follow the Blog on Facebook!

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Every year since 2005, I’ve promised myself that although I couldn’t make the current year’s fanfest, I would make sure to go to the next one. Unfortunately, that promise has never held up and I find myself making this same promise to myself this year too.

Hopefully one day (maybe next year if money and timing permits), I’ll be able to make it to the party at the top of the world for a lovely drunken weekend of EVE Online. Anyone else not able or able to make it to the Fanfest this year?

In other news, I’ve created a page for the blog with the NetworkedBlogs app on Facebook with which you guys can follow and rate the blog and leave me comments via the blog wall. You can get to this page either via the widget in the sidebar or by clicking here.

Deadlines! Ahhhh!

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So, that time has come again. It’s the end of term at college with two weeks left and that means that the deadlines for my three units (that is Narrative Image Making, Graphics in Advertising and Ideas and Concepts if you’re interested) is coming up hard and fast. To be specific, I have to get all of my work in by this Friday or next Friday at the very very latest.

As you may have already noticed, this sudden rush to get everything done (I’m terrible at organising my time) has stopped me from even thinking about getting onto EVE to do anything more than train skills. And with no time to get onto EVE, I’ve had nothing to blog about.
With that said, if all goes well, I should have all my work done by Friday which will mean that I’ll have the next three weeks from then to get tons done EVE-wise.

Via Akyan on Flickr

Via Akyan on Flickr

In other news, the results are in on the most recent Articulated Sky poll in which I asked whether any of you would be buying the boxed version of EVE Online. It seems that this time around we had more votes than we’ve ever had on a poll only hosted on the blog, numbering at 27 votes at the writing of this post.
Anyway, onto the results.

  1. Of course! - 12 votes - 44%
  2. No - 9 votes - 33%
  3. Not sure yet - 6 votes - 22%

For those of you that voted ‘Of course!’, seeing as I didn’t get the boxed version myself and I’m sure most of you have it by now, care to let me know whether you’re pleased with your purchase, etc?

Apocrypha is here & New Poll!

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As you all (should) know, Apocrypha,  the new EVE Online expansion is here! If you’re like me and you’ve been following the Apocrypha news and info closely up until now, you’ve got to find something new to do.
Luckily, I have something to fill that gap and this gap-filler comes in the form of a new poll!

One of the big announcements that came along with the announcement of Apocrypha was the release of the boxed version of EVE Online. Then along came the list of the special items, etc. that new players will recieve from buying it and tons of people went from “not getting it, it’s kinda pointless” to “I’m getting it ASAP!”.
So what I would like to know is, are you planning on getting it? And if so, why? Make sure to cast your vote and leave a comment below.

Personally, I won’t be getting it anywhere in the near future. I’m happy with my current not-very-special subscription; and while I do want that shuttle, I’m sure it’ll make its way onto the market in a matter of hours. That’s assuming it’s a unique item, not at first available to current subscribers.

On a short side note, don’t forget to enter into my haiku contest if you haven’t already!

Apocrypha Trailer

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For those of you like me that have been busy over the weekend, you may have missed the new Apocrypha trailer being released. Luckily for you, that’s what I’m here for.
You can find it below in all it’s HD YouTube glory. Make sure to click the little “HD” button in the bottom right.

While this is a very (read: EXTREMELY) cool looking trailer, I can’t help but feel a little underwhelmed. Don’t get me wrong, I love the trailer and I still love EVE; but it just doesn’t seem like any of the older expansion trailers we all know and love.

I’m all for the interfaces that come up (or in the last trailers, the news ticker banner showing other top stories), those make the EVE universe seem all the more real. But I miss the narration over the top that most, if not all, trailers before had featured. Maybe they’re trying to get a short, sharp burst of coolness in there for the average joe in preparation for the retail release, but what about us faithful EVE Players? When do we get back the kinds of trailers we all love?

In other news, don’t forget to give my EVE Haiku contest a go! Even if you post a haiku for fun and have no intention of winning, I’d love to read it. Feel free to post funny, serious, or even silly ones. As long as they’re EVE related, they stand a chance at winning.

Fly safe boys and girls.