New graphics page unveiling!

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After a good day’s worth of coding and designing, I bring you all my new graphics page!

website-skinsAnd for your viewing pleasure, it comes in four different flavours. Amarr, Caldari, Gallente and Minmatar.
For a while now I’ve wanted an actual web page for my graphics information and whatnot and seeing as EVEGFX doesn’t seem to be coming back any time soon, now’s the perfect time.

To make the transition from my blog page to this new web page easier, I’ve now got the ‘Custom EVE Graphics’ link at the top of this page to link to my web page. So, hopefully all should go smoothly.

So, what do you guys think? What’s your favourite skin? Is everything working as it should? Is there any functionality, you would like me to add? This is my baby, tell me you love it! :P

EVE Fiction: Drifter

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Internal log
04:33 ICT (Internal Capsule Time)

Some say that in the cold, dark depths of space, no one can hear you scream.

They would be right.

Of course, I’ve given up screaming now. No one’s coming.

It’s been months according to my pod’s internal clock but I’ve drifted past so many inhabited planets, moons and even asteroid clusters, all going through their own unique solar orbit that my pod’s internal clock and my body’s own internal clock are massively out of sync. So much so, that I often find myself waking up without any recollection of ever falling asleep.

Every now and then I catch glimpses of a distant object reflecting the sun’s rays back at me. Usually it takes a few minutes for the random glint to disappear but sometimes I happen to be drifting in its general direction.

There have been 58 moments like this and of course, it’s never a ship. It’s usually a chunk of space debris, or a piece of asteroid blasted free by a misaligned mining laser. The feeling of disappointment when drifting towards what may be life and then finding it’s an inanimate object is indescribable.
It’s then that I wish my pod had full functionality. One painless, self inflicted zap to my cerebral cortex and I’d be waking up in a fresh new body back in a warm, cushy Gallente station. But no, I cannot be rewarded with this sweet release. It seems that I am forever cursed to drift through the frozen wastelands of wherever I am.

After the destruction of my ship, my pod was quickly locked and fired upon. Luckily for me, the one shot the attackers managed to get off only glanced off my pod. Unluckily for me, that shot hit one of the main circuit clusters and knocked out all but a few of my pod’s systems. It also cracked the fuel casing and I immediately started leaking fuel. I had enough fuel to get away but not enough to stop my ship drifting and not enough active systems to accurately guide my pod to a safe destination.
I managed to warp to a nearby safe spot but my fuel ran out as I dropped out of warp, which was when I started to drift.

Maybe, as an old Amarr friend of mine would say, this is atonement for my sins earlier in life. We capsuleers are immortal so the Gods have to find other ways to punish us for committing sins.
Of course, I believe that it’s all bullshit but it sure does make you think and I’ve got a hell of a long time to think out here.

Capsuleer scan initiated.
Subject is unresponsive.
Result: 95% chance of unconsciousness.

Communications incoming…

From: Captain Yugari; CSS Flybird

This is Captain Yugari of the CSS Flybird, please respond. We are a member of the Concord Search & Rescue fleet. We received your pod’s automated distress calls and came as soon as possible.

Attempting to wake subject.

This is Captain Yugari of the CSS Flybird, please respond.

Attempting to wake subject…

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Poll results & Possible site changes

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So, the poll results are in!

We had a total of 12 votes for this poll and a strangely uniform set of results. This time around, I asked you which ship I should pilot as my new pirate ship and as I expected, people seem to be pretty split about it.
And so, the results are…

  • Thorax – 3 votes – 25%
  • Brutix – 2 votes – 17%
  • Drake – 2 votes – 17%
  • Myrmidon – 2 votes – 17%
  • Other – 3 votes – 25%
    • Deimos – 1 vote
    • Nightmare – 1 vote
    • Ibis – 1 vote

To tell you the truth, I bought a Thorax not long after I started this poll as I missed flying in what some people call the flying dildo of EVE.

I’ve already got a fit in mind for it but unfortunately, I’m about a week or two from actually being able to fit the majority of it so I’ll post it up once I’ve managed to fit it and test it out in actual combat. In the mean time though, don’t worry, I’ll still be my usual active self.

Anyway, in other news. Those of you who are following me on Twitter will have been able to get sneak peeks at a little change to the site I’d been thinking about doing. Although, that said, only EVE Warrior of EVE’s Weekend Warrior replied when I asked for input so I assume that most of you lot didn’t see it.
For those of you that haven’t seen it, or did see it but may have been confused, here’s a little explanation.

In the near future, I’m looking at creating an online portfolio for a place to show off my best photography, graphics and general design work. By this time, the portfolio site and this blog will have a front page giving the reader a choice of whether they want to go to the portfolio or this blog. Now, on the portfolio site, this will be an easy job. All I would need to do is have the choices page be the index page and the main be or something like that. The blog on the other hand is a little bit more difficult.

This blog already exists and as such, there are pages and posts on the web that are linking to posts here. I cannot move the blog to as that will break every link that points here and kill a lot of my referral traffic*. The work around that I have devised for this is to have all traffic going to, automatically diverted (via the Page Links To plugin) to the location of the page to create a fake front page. The blog link on this page will seem like it’s taking you to the normal blog front page but if you looked at the address bar, it will actually have taken you to page 1 of the post list which in fact looks near enough identical to the default front page (the only difference being the title saying “Articulated Sky | Part 1″.

*However, if you know of a way to do this without breaking every link, you’d save me a lot of trouble. Contact me if you can help.

I forgot to mention, while I will definitely be having this front page on my portfolio site, the front page for the blog is only possibly happening (depending on your feedback).

Anyway, those are my plans. As on Twitter, I’m looking for your opinions on this and if any of you are suitably web savvy, your opinions on any other ways to solve my problem.

Deadlines! Ahhhh!


So, that time has come again. It’s the end of term at college with two weeks left and that means that the deadlines for my three units (that is Narrative Image Making, Graphics in Advertising and Ideas and Concepts if you’re interested) is coming up hard and fast. To be specific, I have to get all of my work in by this Friday or next Friday at the very very latest.

As you may have already noticed, this sudden rush to get everything done (I’m terrible at organising my time) has stopped me from even thinking about getting onto EVE to do anything more than train skills. And with no time to get onto EVE, I’ve had nothing to blog about.
With that said, if all goes well, I should have all my work done by Friday which will mean that I’ll have the next three weeks from then to get tons done EVE-wise.

Via Akyan on Flickr

Via Akyan on Flickr

In other news, the results are in on the most recent Articulated Sky poll in which I asked whether any of you would be buying the boxed version of EVE Online. It seems that this time around we had more votes than we’ve ever had on a poll only hosted on the blog, numbering at 27 votes at the writing of this post.
Anyway, onto the results.

  1. Of course! – 12 votes – 44%
  2. No – 9 votes – 33%
  3. Not sure yet – 6 votes – 22%

For those of you that voted ‘Of course!’, seeing as I didn’t get the boxed version myself and I’m sure most of you have it by now, care to let me know whether you’re pleased with your purchase, etc?

EVE Fiction: Recruitment


Some EVE based fan fiction to keep you going during the down time. This is my first ever try at fan fiction, so make sure to let me know what you think in the comments once you’re done reading.

Name: Aescian Blunaire
Profession: ‘Reformed’ low-life
Age: 23


So, there I was, sitting in the bar in the FDU (Federal Defence Union) station in Villore looking for work. Well, I wasn’t exactly actively looking, more like drinking some Quafe & whiskey (5 parts whiskey, 1 part Quafe) and feeling sorry for myself.
Anyway, that’s beside the point. So there I am minding my own business, when I hear someone shouting from the direction of the nearest hangar. Initially thinking that someone was in trouble, I rushed over to “help” but I found the Recruitment Officer of a Brutix class vessel that had recently arrived shouting out for new recruits.

Now, I probably should have turned and walked back to the bar (especially after seeing the ship’s name on a display, the USS Short Lived) but something about the prospect of living and working on a space vessel that can traverse the known galaxy drew me in. As soon as the Recruitment officer caught my eye, there was no escape. After a few papers filled out and signatures signed, this was my new job.

As I walked in through the bulkhead door, I was greeted by a woman named Jinta who offered to show me to my quarters. As we walked down the winding corridors, my mind trailed off trying to remember the directions and began to focus on other things.
I was glad that a Gallente vessel had come my way instead of another. Gallente vessels have a reputation for being the cleanest vessels among the other races. The air was nice and cool, and the metallic walls were refreshingly cold to the touch. The floors, walls and windows were clean; a lot cleaner than I had expected them to be considering that this vessel had just travelled through the vastness of space. But then again, this is a Gallente ship. What the Amarr use slaves for, the Gallente use drones for.
Before I knew it, we were at the door to my quarters and I was being handed a keycard.

No sooner had I boarded the vessel and been assigned a room was I given a task. Around ten other crew members and I were ordered to perform a check on the remaining rail gun ammo in the cargo hold. Before now I had never seen what capsuleers call ‘medium ammo’ and I had only caught a glimpse of some light ammo, but let me tell you now, this shit is far from medium sized! One chunk of the stuff is two and a half meters across!
We had been told that the pilot was getting restless while waiting for a corporation to accept his application and wanted to go out and destroy some of the local Serpentis pirates that regularly roam around the asteroid belts in Villore. I wasn’t sure how big these pirates’ ships were going to be but if they were anywhere near the size of these ammo chunks, they were in big trouble.
After performing our final check on the ammo and reporting back our findings, we were told that we had done a good job and that if we liked, we could go up to the observation deck to watch the ‘fireworks’ that were going to be happening soon.

It being my first time on a Brutix class vessel, I had no idea of the ship layout and had to find a more experienced crew member to show me the way. After some botched directions (I think the crewman was a bit drunk, either that or I am) and some wandering, I found my way to the observation deck just as the show started.

Being what most people call a ‘stationer’, before now I had never set foot outside of the Villore IV FDU station. This meant that in all of my 23 years, the relative in-station security of a Federation run station and the sentry guns protecting the station, I’d never seen ship-to-ship combat.


The *WOOOOSH* as the drones were released from their drone bay and zoomed towards the rats, as the Captain called them, sent shivers down my spine. The way the ship shook as the rail guns fired off their payloads, shook me to the very core… and I loved it!
I must have looked like a little kid on his birthday, staring at the battle unfolding before my eyes. Before not too long the three frigate class vessels were reduced to nothing but wrecks. I later heard over the intercom that during this short battle, the USS Short Lived’s shields were reduced by 5%. I didn’t even feel a thing!

I’ve waited way too long to fly onboard one of these capsuleers’ vessels. Let’s hope that this journey isn’t as short lived as the ship’s name suggests it will be.