Deadlines! Ahhhh!


So, that time has come again. It’s the end of term at college with two weeks left and that means that the deadlines for my three units (that is Narrative Image Making, Graphics in Advertising and Ideas and Concepts if you’re interested) is coming up hard and fast. To be specific, I have to get all of my work in by this Friday or next Friday at the very very latest.

As you may have already noticed, this sudden rush to get everything done (I’m terrible at organising my time) has stopped me from even thinking about getting onto EVE to do anything more than train skills. And with no time to get onto EVE, I’ve had nothing to blog about.
With that said, if all goes well, I should have all my work done by Friday which will mean that I’ll have the next three weeks from then to get tons done EVE-wise.

Via Akyan on Flickr

Via Akyan on Flickr

In other news, the results are in on the most recent Articulated Sky poll in which I asked whether any of you would be buying the boxed version of EVE Online. It seems that this time around we had more votes than we’ve ever had on a poll only hosted on the blog, numbering at 27 votes at the writing of this post.
Anyway, onto the results.

  1. Of course! – 12 votes – 44%
  2. No – 9 votes – 33%
  3. Not sure yet – 6 votes – 22%

For those of you that voted ‘Of course!’, seeing as I didn’t get the boxed version myself and I’m sure most of you have it by now, care to let me know whether you’re pleased with your purchase, etc?

EVE Fiction: Black Box


Black Box

Ship name: USS Short Lived
Class: Brutix class
Type: Battlecruiser

Final Communication – Timestamp: 04/03/23347; 19:24

“Mayday! Mayday! The USS Short Lived is under fire! Our armour is barely holding up and we are in need of urgent assistance!
I don’t care what he says! I want to survive this!
We are in need of immediate help! If anyone can hear this, please come to our aid as soon as possible!”


Oh god… That’s cadet Blunaire and he’s… Somebody help him!
We currently have two ships… no wait, three ships orbiting our position! They are too far out for our guns to hit and our drones are being destroyed as soon as they get in range. Our Captain is doing his best but even he is showing strain under the pressure.
We are under strict orders not to contact anyone at this time as the captain is adamant that he has everything under control, but I do not have faith that we will survive this.
He’s bleeding out! Get that man to the medical bay!”


“Now there are drones… there are so many drones! I’m not sure how much longer we’re going to last!”


We have a hull breach! I repeat, we have a hull breach! K’unarch, seal that bulkhead now!
We have little time left! Our casualties number in the thousands and many more people are dying as we speak!
Please, we need someone! We are good men and women, we don’t want to die!”


End of transmission – Ship destruction at 19:25
Survivors – 1

More details can be found at the following location –

EVE Online, Fiction, Gaming, MMORPG, PC, Pirate March 4th 2009

Ad Revenue and Solo Pirate Fail


I’ve been looking into ways to work up a bit of revenue using the site to help with rising expenses (everything from hosting and domain fees, to bus tickets and college equipment) piling up and I’ve settled on the idea of ads, for now anyway.
As you might already be able to see, I’ve got a Google Adsense ad at the bottom of this page. Right now, they should only be showing up on single pages (i.e. only when viewing a single post), so you won’t be seeing them anywhere else. Well, if you’re reading this post just after I’ve posted it, you may see a Google ad in the sidebar to the right but hopefully by the time most of you read this, it’ll be an EVE Online ad.

Anyway, I’m trailing off. Do any of you, my fellow EVE bloggers, use adverts on your blog to gain ad revenue (be it in ISK or your local RL currency)? And if so, how well is it working out out for you? Even after twoish days, I’ve noticed that Google Adsense might not be the way forward as it tends to show a lot of links for websites that sell ISK.

In some EVE related news, I’ve been out solo-pirating in Crielere and Olettiers over the last couple days but I haven’t had any success. In Olettiers, I was caught off guard while checking my emails at a planet by an Assault Frigate (Hawk). After getting my shield down about 33%, I activated my webber, opened fire and started quickly eating away at his shields and armour. Unfortunately, in the initial panic, I forgot to activate my warp disruptor and once the Hawk pilot realised he was going to lose, he warped away.

Onto today in Olettiers. While roaming the belts trying to find an easy target to ransom, I happened to find a Thorax shooting the local Serpentis rats; luckily for me, I warped in at 2500m from him (around 500m shy of my optimal range). While debating whether to attack, the Thorax pilot locked me. Thinking that this was a foolish move by an unexperienced PvPer, I opened fire first. Little did I know that it was a trap and he had a friend cloaked in a Force Recon ship (Rapier) around 50km away. After around 20-30 seconds, the bait (who had now become the tackler) warped away after by blasters started ripping through his armour and into his hull. Next was the Rapier, who by this time was 71 km away and trying to take out my drones while jamming my targetting systems. Unfortunately, as I couldn’t get a lock on him and he was too fast for me to catch up to, I had no choice but to leave my drones, get to my safe spot and wait for the aggression timer to count down to zero.

That’s all for tonight, make sure to leave a comment regarding your blog and ads and fly safe.

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(Not so) Teeny tiny update


Little update from the virtual world of me.

Firstly, based on the great comment from Aurea in my last post, I’ve set up a skill plan in EVEMon to keep me reminded of the direction I should be heading. Well, not exactly based on, more copied every skill.
You’ll notice that there are some skills missing but that’s only because I’ve already trained those. I started training these skills as soon as I read Aurea’s comment and went out to buy the skills. Luckily for me, they were all within one jump away.

Skill plan for Godlesswanderer

1. Shield Management III

2. Tactical Shield Manipulation I

3. Tactical Shield Manipulation II

4. Tactical Shield Manipulation III

5. Tactical Shield Manipulation IV

6. Missile Launcher Operation IV

7. Missile Launcher Operation V

8. Guided Missile Precision I

9. Guided Missile Precision II

10. Guided Missile Precision III

11. Target Navigation Prediction I

12. Target Navigation Prediction II

13. Target Navigation Prediction III

14. Warhead Upgrades I

15. Warhead Upgrades II

16. Warhead Upgrades III

Total time: 17 days, 2 hours, 44 minutes, 51 seconds

Secondly, I checked back at my recruitment thread earlier and luckily for me, the EVE community hadn’t given up on me and I had two new replies. I’m not sure if this is the way to go about it but whenever I’m looking out for a corporation to join, along with the general corp profession, etc. I also wait for a corporation that just feels right to me. One in which I feel I’ll have the most fun, even though at the moment all I know is the name and the information in their recruitment thread.

So, as I was saying. One of the replies is from a corporation called The Galactic Inquisition; and lo and behold, it feels right. I couldn’t get in touch with the capsuleer that replied in my thread as he was offline but I sent him a message asking for some more info, such as whether they have a corp killboard. I have no idea why but there’s something that I love about having my kills (and losses) plastered up on a public killboard for all to see. I guess it’s the pirate in me itching to get out.
Providing all goes well, the next time I talk to you, I could be the newest member of The Galactic Inquisition and my items and ships will be on their way to their new home.

Fly safe boys and girls.

Corporation, EVE Online, Gaming, MMORPG, PC, Pirate February 14th 2009

Pirate or nothing?


Yesterday evening (while getting Heather to search the forums for pirate corporation recruitment threads), I posted my own recruitment info thread so as to get corporations coming to me as well as me finding them. Around 40 minutes later, I got a reply saying;

I was going to reply but then i read

“Can fly a Covetor Mining Barge and an Iteron Mk V ideal for hauling large amounts of minerals, ore, loot (), etc. (as mentioned above).”

If you want to pirate u can sell that barge and come join us, never to speak of the M word again.

And this was from someone called Miner Taur.

After reading this reply, it got me thinking. Pirates seem to generally be split over the issue of taking part in certain ‘carebear’ activities. There are some pirates (solo or corporations) that believe that to be successful and earn  a substantial amount of money as a pirate, it would be foolish to have pirating as your one and only profession. There are other pirates that believe that if you want to be a true pirate, all of your EVE time should be spent focused on pirating and nothing else. These are also the kinds of people that you’ll see in the forums calling ‘carebears’ (or pirates that mine, build, run missons etc.) weak.

Personally, I’m in the first camp. While I’m not entirely sure that pirating (as a profession) needs a boost, everyone needs a back up plan. I also think that this applies to all other professions too. If your main source of income dries up you need to have another, reliable profession to fall back on.
This is especially important if you have something that you spend your ISK on regularly, such as  time codes, POS fuel, etc.

While this is my opinion, I’d love to know what your opinions are on this subject. Even if you’re not a pirate, I’d still like to know your opinion in regards having back up plans to other professions.

In other news, I’ve started to get urges to fly Caldari. I have no idea why but I’m starting to love the blocky, shinyness of the ships. So, to help me make a decision, I’ve put up a new poll on the right. You know the drill, point those eyes to the right and engage that clicking finger.


I’ve put the poll below as it’s no longer in the sidebar.