It’s finally here, EVE Tweeps/Twitterers


After a few failed tries to compile a list of EVE Online players and bloggers who are also Twitter users (mine was even one of them), we seem to finally have one that seems like it can go the distance. Hopefully, it becomes the main repository for anyone looking for a definitive list of EVE tweeters.

To help it along a bit, I’ve taken the liberty of creating a short URL for the site which you can see below.

Hopefully, it’ll make it easier to remember and make sure that EVE players new to Twitter or Twitterers new to EVE can be linked to it it easily.

In other news, my ISP has been jerking me around quite a bit lately and for the last few days, they had capped my internet speed to something that seemed slower than dial up. After giving them a call, they said that I had been capped (although they didn’t say why). After spending the weekend at the girlfriend’s house, I come back to an internet that, while back to normal speed, doesn’t seem to want to stay connected for more than a couple minutes.

What have I learned from this? Is it that I should be more careful with how much I download? Not at all, there’s no way that I went over the limit. It’s that Demon Internet are now an ISP that I would never recommend to anyone, especially after reading the terrible reviews.

Anyway, with any luck everything should be back to normal tomorrow morning and I should be able to get some EVE time in and get a decent update posted where I actually talk about playing EVE instead of just news about it.

By the way, if there is anyone with a graphics request waiting in my EVE-mail inbox, don’t you worry. With any luck, I’ll be able to read your messages soon and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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Well that was a close one!

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Earlier today, I logged into EVE to change a skill to find that my subscription had expired. Being that I hadn’t realised that my subscription needed renewing, I hadn’t made sure that I had some extra money stored away for another 60 days of EVE time. This led me to post a tweet in which I did what all good Twitter users do, complain. I then went downstairs to watch the new Ross Kemp in Search of Pirates and just forgot about it.
Around an hour later, I came back online to check my emails and I found an email that gave me that feeling of excitement that I only really feel on birthdays and Christmas. Diana, of EVE Time Code, had seen my tweet of despair and had very kindly donated the money for me to buy another 60 days of EVE and for that, I am infinitely grateful.

Next time you need to buy a time code or two (or more!), please consider getting them from Diana at I’d greatly appreciate it and I’m sure she would too.

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Caldari, here I come!


After putting up the poll asking whether I should start to fly Caldari, 4 of you ended up casting your vote (half of the people that voted in the last poll, come on people!).
It seems that you’re split on the issue. Half seem to think that I should start to fly Caldari and the other half think I should stick with Gallente. That said, I also had two replies to my Twitter update (asking the same question) and assuming those two people didn’t vote, that brings the vote count up to 6 and makes the results 66% in favour of flying Caldari.

To tell you the truth, I’d already started training Caldari (frigate, and onto cruiser now) but I wanted to see how my lovely readers felt about the decision.
I’d also now like to know what skills I’d need to train for Caldari. I’m sure there are some of you that fly Caldari  and I’d love to know what basic sets of skills I need to train. I literally know nothing about what is needed to fly and effectively use Caldari ships. A little list in the comments would be absolutely perfect.

In other news, I’m now 140 million ISK richer! This probably isn’t a big thing for most of you but as someone that has been poor for his whole EVE career, it’s big. I’ve never been above around 120 million ISK, so now being at 180 million ISK is quite an achievement. Despite the fact that I’ve been playing on and off for a few years, I’m very much the kind of guy that spends his ISK as soon as he gets it.

You’re probably wondering how I got this small fortune. Well, a capsuleer by the name of AshenShugar sent me an EVE-mail on Friday asking whether I could create him a background image for his corporation website. Having never made one before, I took a guess as the pricing and priced it at 80 million ISK.
Fast forward to an hour ago. I’ve created the image above (100% from scratch apart from the Dominix’s) and my client is so happy with it that he wants to give me 100 mil extra, making a total of 180 mil. That’s 225% higher than the regional average for all you trader nuts out there. ;)

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Non EVE: Jabba the Snow

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Now, I know this isn’t EVE related at all but I’m pretty proud of a recent creation of mine (created with the help of my brother and sister). If you have been following my Twitter updates, you’ll know that the UK has been hit by around 7-8 inches of snow in the past 24 hours, which is pretty out of the ordinary. In fact, it’s the most amount of snow the UK has seen in 18 years, which explains why the #uksnow hashtag has overtaken the superbowl and the snow seems to be all anyone is talking about.

I seem to have veered slightly off course. Anyway, I present to you, Jabba the Hutt Snow!

He originally started out as a snowman base but just after starting the torso section of the snowman, we realised that it’d make a great Jabba the Hutt so we carried on. As he was created around 4 hours ago and we’ve had a steady lot of snow since then, he’s now a fluffy lump in the snow.

Has anyone else made anything out of snow that you were particularly proud of? Maybe something EVE related?
Make sure to link to pictures if you have any! I’d love to see some EVE style snow creations.

EVE Player/Blogger Tweeps


As CrazyKinux kind of already has dominion over the EVE Player Blog list, I thought I’d make a list of EVE Blogger and Player Twitter accounts. So, if you have a Twitter account (or know of an account not on the list) and would like it added to the list, feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll update it as soon as possible. I know 100% that I don’t have all of them here so get to commenting!
As long as you tweet fairly regularly, you can be added to the list.

  1. CCP Games – Not a player or a blogger but they kind of earn the right to be here. ;)
  2. CrazyKinux
  3. EVE Warrior
  4. Ga’len Druid
  5. Godlesswanderer
  6. James Egan
  7. James Spellman
  8. LurbyJo
  9. Mynxee
  10. Sarah Conna
  11. Serious Sally
  12. Silicon Buddha
  13. Wensley
  14. Winterblink
  15. Xiphos83
  16. YoMma

If you’re not quite sure about whether to get a Twitter account you can either read 12 reasons to start tweeting, or just take my word for it and get one. Come on you can trust me, I am pretty awesome. ;)

Update – 20/12/08:

Added Bloggers from CrazyKinux’s Top EVE Bloggers Twitter post (with the exception of Black Claw as he is now Sara Conna) and put the list into alphabetical order.

Update – 3/2/09:

Alexia Morgan posted a list earlier last month and has had considerably more success than I did with this list. So if you’re looking for a proper list of all EVE Online players who are also Twitter users, head over to the Twitter Users post on her blog.

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