It’s finally here, EVE Tweeps/Twitterers


After a few failed tries to compile a list of EVE Online players and bloggers who are also Twitter users (mine was even one of them), we seem to finally have one that seems like it can go the distance. Hopefully, it becomes the main repository for anyone looking for a definitive list of EVE tweeters.

To help it along a bit, I’ve taken the liberty of creating a short URL for the site which you can see below.

Hopefully, it’ll make it easier to remember and make sure that EVE players new to Twitter or Twitterers new to EVE can be linked to it it easily.

In other news, my ISP has been jerking me around quite a bit lately and for the last few days, they had capped my internet speed to something that seemed slower than dial up. After giving them a call, they said that I had been capped (although they didn’t say why). After spending the weekend at the girlfriend’s house, I come back to an internet that, while back to normal speed, doesn’t seem to want to stay connected for more than a couple minutes.

What have I learned from this? Is it that I should be more careful with how much I download? Not at all, there’s no way that I went over the limit. It’s that Demon Internet are now an ISP that I would never recommend to anyone, especially after reading the terrible reviews.

Anyway, with any luck everything should be back to normal tomorrow morning and I should be able to get some EVE time in and get a decent update posted where I actually talk about playing EVE instead of just news about it.

By the way, if there is anyone with a graphics request waiting in my EVE-mail inbox, don’t you worry. With any luck, I’ll be able to read your messages soon and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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New Graphics: CrazyKinux’s Musing

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Earlier this week, CK from CrazyKinux’s Musing commissioned me to create three ad banners for his blog for (I’m guessing) an upcoming ad campaign. Speaking of which, I’d love to see my ads (or just one of them) in use when you eventually use them.

Click to see them in full size.

If you would like a custom EVE Online graphic of some sort created by me, feel free to send me an email using the Contact page or send an me EVE Mail in-game to Godlesswanderer. You can find my prices, along with a link to my gallery on my Custom Graphics page.

A quick reminder on the contest we have going on. You have until the 16th to send in your fan fiction entries! That’s two to three days from now, depending on whether you’re plus or minus GMT.
This contest is the biggest we’ve had yet in terms of prizes, so be sure to read up on the rules before you enter!

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Contest: Write an EVE fan fiction!


Just under a week ago, I mentioned that I would be posting a header I created for the new gaming based blogging site, GameScribe, which is currently in closed beta. Turns out I was wrong about it being just EVE Online based, but that doesn’t make it any less interesting.

In case word hasn’t reached your ears yet, GameScribe is a new project started by the EVE player you may know as Serious Sally or Malnor Zerchan (or maybe just Anthony). At the risk of greatly stuffing up a description of GameScribe, here’s a short description from Anthony’s GameScribe blog.

Well, what is GameScribe you might ask? Think of it as for Gamers. The idea is that I will provide gamers with blog themes and plugins that help them really have real gamer blogs… Not cookie cutter blog templates that anyone can make a blog in, but game specific templates. This theme, for example is one of the themes I’ve put together for EVE Online players. But I have also made some for WOW, and Jumpgate Evolution. Even more are coming (Black Prophecy, SWTOR, STO, SGW, the list goes on).

Anyway, long story short, Anthony came to me earlier last week asking me whether I wanted to be a part of the GameScribe design team. Of course I accepted and he got me working right away on a header for an upcoming theme he would be creating. That header (which I am actually quite proud of), you can see below. It was created almost entirely from scratch, the only thing that I did not create was the Astartes, they came from two different screenshots.

Click image to see full size

As part of the Gamescribe design team, I’ve managed to get hold of a few invites (three to be exact) to give away in my next contest. And luckily for you guys, you only have to wait around five seconds for the new contest!

Wasn’t that a quick five seconds?

This time around, your task is to write a piece of fan fiction on a given theme. The rules, along with the theme are as follows;


  • Your fan fiction entry must be based around the theme, “It wasn’t supposed to happen this way”. Apart from including that theme into your story, you have complete and total freedom.
  • There is no upper or lower limit on words.
  • As of this posting, you have two weeks (16th May) to write and post your best EVE Online Fan Fiction!
  • As I expect these fan fictions to be quite long (at least the size of an average blog post), you must post them on your blog and link back to this post. If you do not have a blog (all the more reason to enter this contest!), you must email the story to me using the contest entry form below.
Contest Entry Form
  1. (required)
  2. (valid email required)
  3. (required)

cforms contact form by delicious:days

So, what will you get if you enter this contest and win?

First Prize: A Gamescribe invite + 50 million ISK
Second Prize: A GameScribe invite + 25 million ISK
Third Prize: A GameScribe invite + 10 million ISK

You know what to do, get those entries posted!

Fanfest Teaser Ahoy & Follow the Blog on Facebook!

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Every year since 2005, I’ve promised myself that although I couldn’t make the current year’s fanfest, I would make sure to go to the next one. Unfortunately, that promise has never held up and I find myself making this same promise to myself this year too.

Hopefully one day (maybe next year if money and timing permits), I’ll be able to make it to the party at the top of the world for a lovely drunken weekend of EVE Online. Anyone else not able or able to make it to the Fanfest this year?

In other news, I’ve created a page for the blog with the NetworkedBlogs app on Facebook with which you guys can follow and rate the blog and leave me comments via the blog wall. You can get to this page either via the widget in the sidebar or by clicking here.

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Deadlines! Ahhhh!


So, that time has come again. It’s the end of term at college with two weeks left and that means that the deadlines for my three units (that is Narrative Image Making, Graphics in Advertising and Ideas and Concepts if you’re interested) is coming up hard and fast. To be specific, I have to get all of my work in by this Friday or next Friday at the very very latest.

As you may have already noticed, this sudden rush to get everything done (I’m terrible at organising my time) has stopped me from even thinking about getting onto EVE to do anything more than train skills. And with no time to get onto EVE, I’ve had nothing to blog about.
With that said, if all goes well, I should have all my work done by Friday which will mean that I’ll have the next three weeks from then to get tons done EVE-wise.

Via Akyan on Flickr

Via Akyan on Flickr

In other news, the results are in on the most recent Articulated Sky poll in which I asked whether any of you would be buying the boxed version of EVE Online. It seems that this time around we had more votes than we’ve ever had on a poll only hosted on the blog, numbering at 27 votes at the writing of this post.
Anyway, onto the results.

  1. Of course! – 12 votes – 44%
  2. No – 9 votes – 33%
  3. Not sure yet – 6 votes – 22%

For those of you that voted ‘Of course!’, seeing as I didn’t get the boxed version myself and I’m sure most of you have it by now, care to let me know whether you’re pleased with your purchase, etc?