Comparison on the best food processor


They all bite, beat, grate, mix and grind, but … which one is the best?

Also called food processors because they effectively chop, beat, grate, blend and mash, but also liquefy, assemble, slice, knead, slice, peel in different shapes and mash. Its mechanism is relatively simple as it consists of a machine based on a disc-based operation with blades. And what is the difference with a juicer, we may ask. For it is very simple: the blades can be changed by other sets of blades , which combined with a certain power result in different types of preparation.

Yes, but which one is the best? Obviously and as gosureviews say, there is no better food processor. Everything depends on the needs of each one, their interests, and their abilities … Unlike the rest of the devices that I deal in this Blog, in this case there is the model version without electricity. That is, it works with human strength, like the Parmesan grater, to set an example.However, the two major groups in addition to the above are high-end robots and mid-range or food processors . The difference between the two would be that the former, in addition to all the mechanical, say mechanical, would include the thermal-steam stove, induction technology, etc.-.

Below I list the five most complete processors I have found, trying to combine in the selection a number of functions, a minimum standard of quality and a price that is not exorbitant. They are linked directly to the manufacturer’s website for further information.

Philips HR7762 / 90

1.5 liter bowl mixer, grinder, chopping blade, kneading machine, creamer and egg white disc and four discs for cutting and grating in several ways, two speeds. In total, more than twenty-eight functions. 750 W power.

Ufesa PA7000

Mixing vessel made of transparent plastic of two liters (maximum mixing 1000 g mass). Includes clear plastic cap with

You can make a lot of preparations

You can make a lot of preparations

Entrance and pusher. Multifunctional blade made of stainless steel.Extra wide filling mouth to introduce whole fruits without pre-cutting.Stainless steel filter. Coffee grinder. Two levels of speed and pulse function. Safety system for anchoring the mixing vessel and the mixing jug. 500 W of power.

Bosch MCM4100

More than 35 functions: grating, slicing, assembling, whipping creams.Integrated drawer for storing accessories. 500 g clear plastic mixing vessel (maximum mixing 1 kg mass). Includes clear plastic cap with inlet tube and pusher. Four metal inserts (cut into thin / thick slices and cut into thin / thick strips). Two speeds and press function. 800 W power.

Kenwood FPP230


It is characterized by its small size, making it a good model for kitchens with space problems. That is why it is the one with the least benefits. In any case, it has citrus juicer and blender. The measures of the bowl are 2.1 liters and 1.2 liters (for running liquids) and 1.2 kilos (for running solids). 750 W power.

Bomann KM 367 CB

Seventeen accessories, six speeds plus a boost level. Bowl of 5 liters stainless steel for 2 kg of dough. Special hook for kneading the dough, bread and dough. Safety mechanism, stops when the arm is up. Very suitable for kneading, but also for making smoothies, chopping meat and making pasta. 1000 W power.

Multiple accessories, the key to a good choice


Having made this selection, I insist that there are many models that respond to a wide range of expectations that can not be covered in this Blog. In any case, yes I must make some general considerations about what I understand is the most important thing when deciding on one of these devices: the one that offers the greatest possible number of functions.

Safety. It’s always the main thing, of course. That the tapes close hermetically is the most important, and in that ranking it would be necessary to include that the devices are “intelligent” in the presence of excess heat, stopping their activity. High power also impinges on safety while keeping the machine from wobbling.

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