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Welcome to the new home of the Articulated Sky EVE Online graphics page. Below you will find my graphics information. If you haven't gotten here via my blog, here's a little introduction.

My name is Karl but my in-game name is Godlesswanderer. I've been playing EVE for almost 5 years, blogging about it for around 2 years and have been making graphics of all sorts for around 7, so you definitely wouldn't be making a bad choice if you chose me as your go-to guy for your EVE graphics needs.


  • Personal Signature – 30 million ISK
  • Corporation Signatures – 40 million ISK for first signature + 5 million ISK for each additional member needing a signature
  • Corporation Advertisement Banner – 80 million ISK
  • Corporation Header – 100 million ISK
  • Corporation Recruitment Advertisement – 100 million ISK
  • Corporation Logo recreation (I recreate your in-game corporation logo, can be done in any size)
  • Alliance Logo – 120 million ISK
  • Alliance Recruitment Advertisement – 120 million ISK
  • Alliance Signatures – 40 million ISK for first signature + 5mil for each additional member needing a signature
  • Website related (advertisement banners, killboard headers, etc) – vary depending on graphic
    • Advertisement banner – 50 million ISK
    • Killboard Header – 80 million ISK
    • Avatar – 15 million ISK
  • Other – If the graphic you want isn't in the list above, contact me and I’ll give you an estimate based on what you want.

When accepting a job, I require 50% of the total price up front. The reasons for this being,

  1. It protects me from scammers trying to get an image for free.
  2. It allows you to know what you'll be paying for before you pay the full price.


Not many EVE graphic designers offer hosting but usually when they do, they charge you for it. But luckily for you, I'm different.
Hosting is offered for free, through my EVE Files account. Of course, if you decide to use my free hosting service, I always recommend that you save and host the image yourself somewhere on the off chance that EVE Files goes down.


You can contact me either by sending an eve mail to my in-game character, Godlesswanderer; or you can send an email to


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Last update: 13/08/19


Corporation Logos

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Alliance Logos

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Advertisement Banners

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