Marketing for Restaurants How to attract children as customers?


Many efforts are made in Marketing for Restaurants , but very few to attract children as customers.

Walt Disney said:    Create a place where children want to go and adults will follow

Why then do not try to attract this great segment? Children and teenagers are very impressionable, therefore Restaurant purchasing should know that the bonds created in these years of training, will mean a life of loyalty to their brands.

Understanding that children are very important when choosing a restaurant, we will see some strategies to get their attention and how to make them feel very good in our establishment.

Marketing for Restaurants How to attract children as customers?

Letters for children with games , fulfill two functions:

  1. Have specialties for them, so we avoid that parents ask for a simple dish of the letter and on top divide it by two .. is that my child eats very little …
  2. We link our brand with children, from fun.

Have letters not only focused on children, but with striking , simple, but different drawings and colors .

Why not create a character , who represents the children’s brand of the restaurant ? This not only gives the game, for children to identify their restaurant with a character and is much easier to emotionally link, but also gives the opportunity to create merchandising for children, such as; key rings, stuffed animals, stickers, games, etc.

McDonald’s and Burger King, at the time of putting games for children , increased their sales by 20% !!! We see a triple benefit:

  • Sales rise
  • Calmer parents
  • Happier children

For example, the Mesón de Fuencarral in Madrid has this children’s playground that causes a furore on weekends. This restaurant, with 80 years of tradition, is adapting to the new needs of the client and has not left behind the smallest.

In the south of Chile in Huilo Huilo, there is the charming Café del Duende, where they have also made a special corner for children, with some games and drawings of the children themselves … apart from the views, which are wonderful.

When we talk about creating merchandising for children, here is an excellent example, Café del Duende:

  • They have created a character, a pixie who is a chef
  • Your letter is fully themed
  • On the paper tablecloths we see games and the image of the goblin-chef
  • They have created a figure that can be bought.

As we see, all are examples of restaurants, not belonging to large chains, and have not made large investments to please the little ones, in fact this Spanish company, MitBabyoffers paper tablecloths for restaurants and hotels at a reasonable price.

There are no more excuses for not creating attractive offers for children! Now more than ever you have to innovate in the restaurant , I hope these ideas inspire you to do so.

General, Life November 29, 2017