Nintendogs Guide and Tips

Well, I already did the Animal Crossing guide and the Mario Kart DS guide, and as I get bored, I go with this one.


First steps:

Just turn on the console with the game for the first time, we will find a door in which we must call for us to open. Now we will enter the store and we will have to choose which dog we want. The breeds available at the beginning of the game are: Retrevier of Labrador, Miniature Schnauzer, Toy Poodle, Wels Corgi Pembroke, Miniature Pinscher and Shiba. As we advance in the game we will unlock other races which we can buy. Although in total you can have eight dogs, we can only have three of them at home.

How to choose the perfect miniature dog breeds?

If you have already decided on a race, but when you see them you did not like it, simply go back to the previous menu and re-enter, this action you can do as many times as you want until you see the dog you want to start the game with.
Once you reach the house, your dog will be somewhat disoriented, so you should pet him for a while to gain confidence with you. When this happens you will see a light bulb appear on his head, this is the moment when you must give him a name, you can choose the one you want, but it is better that it is simple to pronounce for when you call you to understand the first.When you know the name that you put the light bulb and pronounces loud and clear this name, this action must be performed several times until the puppy learns the name in question. When this happens you must write your name on the virtual keyboard that appears on the screen.

And what do I do now?

- The first thing you should do is shop: shampoo and comb (look at the type of coat of your dog and buy the recommended), food, water or milk.
- You could also start teaching him "simple tricks" (you will find all in the next sheet of this guide).
- You can and should walk your dogs to do their needs (which you must pick up by tapping them on the screen). If you do, they will give you coach points, and if you do not, you will lose points.
- Wow Mode: this mode will serve to connect you with other people and be able to play with your dogs and if your store does not have that breed, you will unlock it to be able to buy puppies.


To be a good caregiver you should do these actions at least once a day, some you can do as many times as you want, but with what you do once is okay

- Take a walk
- Feeding and drinking
- Wash and comb
- Play with him
- Participate in contests

Also in the tab of dogs we can see the needs of the dog in question. 


There are enough tricks to teach your dogs, some will do two simple in a row and others when the dog wants. Here's a list of all the tricks you can teach your canine friends:

Simple Tricks:

- The duck: To show it you must raise one of the legs of the dog in its natural position. It can be with both legs.
- Sit : When the dog is in its "neutral" position, drag its head down.
- Lie down : Once you're seated, drag your head down again once more
- Lying : When the dog is found lying drag to the right or left, so that it rests on its side
- Returns : take the tail of your dog when standing, hold for a few moments, until you start to chase after.
- Jumping : When our dog is in his "neutral" position he touches over his head until he does.
- Two legs : When the dog is in its "neutral" position, drag its head up.

Agility tests

What does it consist of? : In this test you will encounter obstacles, which you must overcome in the right order and in the shortest possible time. As we advance the obstacles are more difficult, in addition there are penalties for jumping some obstacle or not doing well, so you should walk carefully.

Where and how do I train? : To train you must go to the dog gym located on the map of the walk, here you will find obstacles with which you must train to participate in a competition in this category. You should tell your dog which obstacle to use by touching the dog with the stylus. As you progress through this test, there will be more obstacles with which to practice.

That won? : In this test you earn a good amount of money, since it requires more sacrifice than the disc contest. Still it is not in the test that more is gained.

Proof of obedience

What does it consist of? : You must order your dog to do several tricks in particular, some of them for a minimum time. At the end of the rounds the tricks that will tell you what your dog does will be more difficult. If you go well washed and combed you will have more chances to win.

Where and how do I train? : You can train both at home and in the park, but it is essential that there is no more dog. If you decide to do it at home leave your other dogs in the canine residence, so that the dog you want to train is not distracted with these and ignore.

That won? : This is the contest in which more money is earned, since it requires a strong training. If you become professional in this contest you will not spend times of little money.
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