EVEHQ – Skill Breakdown


On recommendation of reader and fellow blogger, Manasi, I started using EVEHQ to plan my ship fittings. It didn’t take me long to realise how EVEHQ is so much more than just a fitting tool. I managed to find a skill breakdown chart and it got me thinking, how does my skill set look compared to the other EVE players and bloggers?

You can see my skill breakdown below.


To see (and then show me) your skill breakdown, it’s as simple as a couple clicks and you’re there.


Feel free to link to your screenshot in the comments on your own blog. This isn’t a contest or anything so there are no rules. I’m just curious as to how my skills stack up against the rest of you. ;)

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This is my rig. There are many like it, but this one is mine.


I recently realised that although rigs have been around for a good couple years, I have yet to even consider training for them, let alone fitting them. But with the recent (okay, maybe not so recent) news about multi-sized rigs, I’ve started thinking about the pros (and maybe cons?) of investing in a few rigs.

Which brings me to the question of this post;

Do rigs benefit PvP and/or PvE enough to make them in indispensible part of a fit?

Having never fitted any rigs before, I’m not really in a position to answer this question. So make sure to let me know your views in this subject!

There’s already enough posts on the new Butterfly Effect EVE Online Trailer so just click on one of the following links to be taken to one of the many blogs who have been kind enough to link you to the video. Click here, here, here, here, here, here, here or here.

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Where have I been?!

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You’re probably wondering where the hell I’ve been over the past few weeks and why I seem to have dropped off the face of the earth.

So, where have I been?

For starters, I’ve been trying to get a bit of extra money to both help with expenses over the summer (being a jobless student means that over the summer, my income amounts to more or less zero) and so I can buy my girlfriend a decent birthday present on her birthday in August.
The way I’ve been trying to go about this has so far been to try and get some freelance graphic design work but it seems that it’s not all that easy. It took me a good week or so to realise that people won’t accept job bids unless I have a portfolio ready to show them. That in itself is impossible seeing as I have done a total of 0 paid jobs, let alone any that I could show off. So off I went to try and design a webpage that I could use a personal portfolio.

Designing a portfolio is haaaaard…

I didn’t realise at first but it really quite hard to design a well designed web page from scratch (via Photoshop) and then get it working in Dreamweaver. I first went in there knowing nothing about what structure I wanted and came out with a design looking relatively okay at first but being a total mess when I took it into the coding stage.
Now we get to around 3 or 4 days ago and I’ve created a few logos for my website (and eventually for any business cards or anything else), mostly for a bit of a distraction so I don’t go ploughing head on into the website design again and make even more design mistakes.
Below, you can find the loads of designs I’m having trouble choosing from. I would be extremely grateful if you could all give me your opinions on which design you prefer. Personally, I like 4, 8 and 9 so you can see why I’m having problems. Although I am leaning more towards 9, I’m still stuck.

Simlish 101

I recently managed to get a copy of The Sims 3 after hearing tons of “Oh my god, you have to play it!” from a ton of friends and while it is a lot like The Sims 1 and 2, I seem to be able to lose hours and hours playing it. For example, yesterday, I started playing it at around 1:00pm; I later came off the computer around an hour later, or so I thought. I had actually been playing for three hours!

Mind you, it was a fun three hours. But I couldn’t help but be a little freaked out at the thought of waking up to my recently dead wife taking a nap on my bed. Luckily, she whooshed back into her urn about half an hour before the elderly Karl (I have a habit of making my first Sim a copy of me) and his teenage son woke up.

EVE Achievements!

Now to what brought me here. Why doesn’t EVE Online have achievements? I would actually fall in love with EVE a lot more than I already am if I also had a load of achievements to pursue while going around doing my everyday activities.
Until a CCP employee reads this and begs their superiors to implement achievements, I can quite very happily make do with a recent addition to the Avatars United application selection, EVE Achievements.
Also, while you’re there, make sure to add me via my Avatars United profile page and help me get my ‘unite with 5 avatars’ profile completeness.

I’m hoping that my recent lack of posting hasn’t turned any of you off from reading my blog and providing all goes well, I should be posting a lot more during the coming weeks. Fly safe!

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Update on things & new poll!

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A short post to give you an update on recent events and the things floating around my head.

More time for EVE!

As I mentioned a couple posts ago, I had almost no time for EVE as the deadline for my Graphic Design course at college was coming closer and closer. Now here we are, a couple weeks later. The deadline has passed and all my work has been handed in and graded.
My initial happiness was quickly shot down as my internet speed was capped (or so I thought) to dial up speeds and I started imagining having to stay up all night over and over to get some EVE time in. Luckily though, this morning I regained my normal internet speed so I think it was just problems with the line or something.

Professional graphics?

Over the summer, I want to properly set up my own personal graphics website to help bring in some money and over the last couple days I’ve been trying to put together a name and logo with little success initially. It didn’t take long though until I got in my stride and cranked out a name and a few prototype logos. Once I’ve bought the domain names in preparation and cranked out a few more logo prototypes, I’ll let you all know and you can give me your opinions on them.

In the mean time, you can still request custom EVE graphics via my email or EVE Mail (Godlesswanderer). You can find my current prices at my Custom EVE Graphics page.

New poll: Should I continue?

I assume you’ve all read my latest attempt at some EVE fan fiction and since there hasn’t been any comments, I’d like to gauge the general feeling of it and whether my fan fiction is good enough for it to be worth me continuing with them (I’ll still be writing them, just not posting them). So, with that said, point those eyes downwards and click away.

EVE Fiction: Drifter

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Internal log
04:33 ICT (Internal Capsule Time)

Some say that in the cold, dark depths of space, no one can hear you scream.

They would be right.

Of course, I’ve given up screaming now. No one’s coming.

It’s been months according to my pod’s internal clock but I’ve drifted past so many inhabited planets, moons and even asteroid clusters, all going through their own unique solar orbit that my pod’s internal clock and my body’s own internal clock are massively out of sync. So much so, that I often find myself waking up without any recollection of ever falling asleep.

Every now and then I catch glimpses of a distant object reflecting the sun’s rays back at me. Usually it takes a few minutes for the random glint to disappear but sometimes I happen to be drifting in its general direction.

There have been 58 moments like this and of course, it’s never a ship. It’s usually a chunk of space debris, or a piece of asteroid blasted free by a misaligned mining laser. The feeling of disappointment when drifting towards what may be life and then finding it’s an inanimate object is indescribable.
It’s then that I wish my pod had full functionality. One painless, self inflicted zap to my cerebral cortex and I’d be waking up in a fresh new body back in a warm, cushy Gallente station. But no, I cannot be rewarded with this sweet release. It seems that I am forever cursed to drift through the frozen wastelands of wherever I am.

After the destruction of my ship, my pod was quickly locked and fired upon. Luckily for me, the one shot the attackers managed to get off only glanced off my pod. Unluckily for me, that shot hit one of the main circuit clusters and knocked out all but a few of my pod’s systems. It also cracked the fuel casing and I immediately started leaking fuel. I had enough fuel to get away but not enough to stop my ship drifting and not enough active systems to accurately guide my pod to a safe destination.
I managed to warp to a nearby safe spot but my fuel ran out as I dropped out of warp, which was when I started to drift.

Maybe, as an old Amarr friend of mine would say, this is atonement for my sins earlier in life. We capsuleers are immortal so the Gods have to find other ways to punish us for committing sins.
Of course, I believe that it’s all bullshit but it sure does make you think and I’ve got a hell of a long time to think out here.

Capsuleer scan initiated.
Subject is unresponsive.
Result: 95% chance of unconsciousness.

Communications incoming…

From: Captain Yugari; CSS Flybird

This is Captain Yugari of the CSS Flybird, please respond. We are a member of the Concord Search & Rescue fleet. We received your pod’s automated distress calls and came as soon as possible.

Attempting to wake subject.

This is Captain Yugari of the CSS Flybird, please respond.

Attempting to wake subject…

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