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Caldari, here I come!

Posted in Caldari, EVE Online, Gaming, Graphics, MMORPG, PC, Twitter on February 9th, 2009 by Godlesswanderer – Comments

After putting up the poll asking whether I should start to fly Caldari, 4 of you ended up casting your vote (half of the people that voted in the last poll, come on people!).
It seems that you’re split on the issue. Half seem to think that I should start to fly Caldari and the other half think I should stick with Gallente. That said, I also had two replies to my Twitter update (asking the same question) and assuming those two people didn’t vote, that brings the vote count up to 6 and makes the results 66% in favour of flying Caldari.

To tell you the truth, I’d already started training Caldari (frigate, and onto cruiser now) but I wanted to see how my lovely readers felt about the decision.
I’d also now like to know what skills I’d need to train for Caldari. I’m sure there are some of you that fly Caldari  and I’d love to know what basic sets of skills I need to train. I literally know nothing about what is needed to fly and effectively use Caldari ships. A little list in the comments would be absolutely perfect.

In other news, I’m now 140 million ISK richer! This probably isn’t a big thing for most of you but as someone that has been poor for his whole EVE career, it’s big. I’ve never been above around 120 million ISK, so now being at 180 million ISK is quite an achievement. Despite the fact that I’ve been playing on and off for a few years, I’m very much the kind of guy that spends his ISK as soon as he gets it.

You’re probably wondering how I got this small fortune. Well, a capsuleer by the name of AshenShugar sent me an EVE-mail on Friday asking whether I could create him a background image for his corporation website. Having never made one before, I took a guess as the pricing and priced it at 80 million ISK.
Fast forward to an hour ago. I’ve created the image above (100% from scratch apart from the Dominix’s) and my client is so happy with it that he wants to give me 100 mil extra, making a total of 180 mil. That’s 225% higher than the regional average for all you trader nuts out there. ;)

Pirate or nothing?

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Yesterday evening (while getting Heather to search the forums for pirate corporation recruitment threads), I posted my own recruitment info thread so as to get corporations coming to me as well as me finding them. Around 40 minutes later, I got a reply saying;

I was going to reply but then i read

“Can fly a Covetor Mining Barge and an Iteron Mk V ideal for hauling large amounts of minerals, ore, loot (), etc. (as mentioned above).”

If you want to pirate u can sell that barge and come join us, never to speak of the M word again.

And this was from someone called Miner Taur.

After reading this reply, it got me thinking. Pirates seem to generally be split over the issue of taking part in certain ‘carebear’ activities. There are some pirates (solo or corporations) that believe that to be successful and earn  a substantial amount of money as a pirate, it would be foolish to have pirating as your one and only profession. There are other pirates that believe that if you want to be a true pirate, all of your EVE time should be spent focused on pirating and nothing else. These are also the kinds of people that you’ll see in the forums calling ‘carebears’ (or pirates that mine, build, run missons etc.) weak.

Personally, I’m in the first camp. While I’m not entirely sure that pirating (as a profession) needs a boost, everyone needs a back up plan. I also think that this applies to all other professions too. If your main source of income dries up you need to have another, reliable profession to fall back on.
This is especially important if you have something that you spend your ISK on regularly, such as  time codes, POS fuel, etc.

While this is my opinion, I’d love to know what your opinions are on this subject. Even if you’re not a pirate, I’d still like to know your opinion in regards having back up plans to other professions.

In other news, I’ve started to get urges to fly Caldari. I have no idea why but I’m starting to love the blocky, shinyness of the ships. So, to help me make a decision, I’ve put up a new poll on the right. You know the drill, point those eyes to the right and engage that clicking finger.

And the votes are in…

Posted in Blog Pack, Corporation, EVE Online, Gaming, MMORPG, PC, Pirate on February 1st, 2009 by Godlesswanderer – Comments

So 14 comments and 11 votes later, the results are in! And the general consensus seems to be that I should try and find a corporation, so that’s what I shall do.


Now, the usual step here would be to ask you guys what type of corporation I should join but I think I’ve pretty much made up my mind already. I’ve realised that regardless of what I’m doing in EVE, the cure for my boredom always seems to be to blow something up. And it makes it all the more sweet if there is another player (and a ransom) involved. So, as you might have just guessed, I’m going to go back to my old pirating ways.
I’m going to have to revise my Corporation Recruitment info page to reflect my current situation, so I’ll do that later on tonight. Once I’ve stopped being amazed at the couple of inches of snow we’re getting at the moment. Right now the info is pretty vague, so I need to make it more specific to my needs and/or preferences.

In other news, CrazyKinux over at CrazyKinux’s Musing posted the six new members of the EVE Blog Pack after a few months of what I’m sure was very tough deliberation. Unfortunately, I didn’t make it into the Blog Pack but rather than let it get me down, I’m going to soldier on and carry on blogging for the next Blog Pack re-shuffle. After being in the Blog Pack when it was only a wee baby, and having not been in it for months, it’s still strange to see my comparitively low view count. On a very good day, I seem to only get half of my old 50-60 views per day; although that’s probably also partly due to my lack of regular posts compared to my old posting schedule.
That said, congratulations to the bloggers that did get in to the Blog Pack. Make sure you keep up the great posts, otherwise I might be the one taking your place. ;)

Corporation, Yes or No?

Posted in Corporation, EVE Online, Gaming, General, Life, MMORPG, PC on January 26th, 2009 by Godlesswanderer – Comments

An extremely short post tonight, something to help me make a decision. As you might have noticed, I’ve stuck a poll up on the right sidebar for you to give me your opinion on my latest dilemma.

Basically, I’m not sure as to whether to start looking for a corporation and I’d like the feedback of you, my lovely readers. So, point those beautiful eyes to the right and use that mouse hand of yours.
Also, be sure to leave a comment here if you need to elaborate on the reason for your vote.

Am I looking for a corp?

Posted in Corporation, EVE Online, Gaming, MMORPG, PC on January 20th, 2009 by Godlesswanderer – Comments

I recently logged into EVE and found two EVE Mails (one from late December, which is strange because I only got it today) asking whether I was still looking for a corporation to join as I still have the Corp Recruitment Info page up.

The SpaceGeek: I found your blog!
2008.12.26 21:01

Hi there, I came across your blog and saw you were looking for a corp? Your most recent post talks about moving corp HQ so does that mean you have found a home? Well if not, Singularity Systems is recruiting. We are a new corp created by a few EVE old-timers. We want to make the defacto corp for new pilots. Remember having to solo for 3 months or beg just to get into a corp? We want to make it easy for new players to get on their way to greatness in EVE and help them get where they want to go. This is also the corp for a new killboard hosting service me and my buddies are building. We will offer killboards, forum hosting, website design, custom gfx design, teamspeak servers and shoutcast web radio. The corp is currently populated with just the admins from our site and since it hasnt gone live yet, we are still fairly small but will be growing soon. If you cant join, pass our name around! We will take anybody on and get them trained up to get the most out of EVE. Fly safe!


Reimhagen: Saw your blog.
2009.01.07 07:23


While searching for what the snowball things were n my hangar, i came across your blog.  Have you found a corp yet?  If not, would you be interested in a small (but growing) indy/mission/pvp corp?

This may sound strange but I totally forgot that I wanted to find a corp. For some reason it lagged further and further behind in my list of priorities, especially while helping Heather out*.

In short, I’m not sure whether I’m still looking for a corp. For some reason, I feel less invested in a corporation if I don’t voice chat with the members from time to time (during ops, etc) and I soon lose interest. And since I don’t have a headset or microphone that actually works (and at the moment, unfortunately I have more important things to spend money on), I can’t see me finding the time to really become invested in a corp without voice chat. Back when I had whole days to play EVE, I found it really easy to gain and keep interest in the corp I was a member of, regardless of whether they used voice chat or not.

Another aspect that seems to be putting me off of joining a corp, I haven’t had any luck with corporations in general. About 90% of the corporations I’ve joined have either disbanded or just lost interest in their own corporation. I think I’ve only been in two corporations where I left before the CEO.

I guess we’ll have to see what comes along. Also, The SpaceGeek and Reimhagen, don’t worry; I’ll keep your two corporations in mind for when I finally get around to joining a corporation.

* I know I said that Heather would post a blog post about her tutorial experiences soon but unfortunately, it was a CCP style ’soon™’. As Heather goes to the same college as me, she’s also been swamped with work (more than me!). So it’s been extra hard for her to find time to sit down and write a whole blog post, even in little installments. In fact, she’s even had to be on my computer until 3am while staying the night at mine, doing college work before.
That, coupled with complete and utter writers block, has meant that she’s having a lot of trouble being able to write the post. She’s promised me that she’ll get it done and written up though (as long as I stop bugging her), so it’ll be here eventually. How about giving her a little support in the comments?

CONCORD Gatecamp?!

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Last night, I finally managed to join a new corporation. I’m now a member of the Skies Tis Moiras Corporation, who have just recently become a member of the Xenotech Celestial Coalition.

Anyway, while transporting a couple ships to my new home-system (Warouh), I came across a huge amount of CONCORD ships flying around the Kaaputanen stargate in Niarja. I’d never seen so many ships in one place, let alone CONCORD ones. There must have been at least 60 of them, just sitting there doing whatever it was they were doing. There must have been a hell of a fight there for that many to turn up, the most I’d seen turn up at one time was about 10.




On a side note, I’ve been reading some of the news on the EVE site and it seems that tensions between the four empires are getting worse. Recently the Gallente Federation Navy and the Minmatar Republic Fleet begun a joint military exercise in Metropolis. Even though the Federation Senate and the Republic Parliament delayed the military exercise by a few days, they still went ahead. Much to the aggravation of the Caldari State and the Amarr Empire.

A spokesman for the Caldari Navy said “It’s bad enough that they feel the need to rattle sabres. It’s alarming that they have the audacity to do it on the border of the State, but most of all, it’s disgusting that they feel they are able to conduct this exercise so soon after the atrocity at Malkalen.”

Personally, I can’t wait to see how this plays out while we’re waiting for the Empyrean Age release.

Fly Safe.

Corp Info & Ship Setup

Posted in EVE Online, Gallente, Gaming, Geek, MMORPG, Myrmidon, PC, Pirate on May 12th, 2008 by Godlesswanderer – Comments

Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to get into EVE as much as I would have liked over the past week. And because of this, I don’t really have anything interesting to write about. So, I’ve decided to use post this to get a bit of help from you lovely lads and ladies.

Firstly, I’ve finally gotten sick of being in an essentially dead corporation. Since I first posted about my corporation leaders leaving their posts to go ratting in 0.0, there’s been no change. So, I’ve decided to leave and find another more active corporation. You can find my character info below or at my Corporation Recruitment Info page.

As you may know, I am currently looking for a corporation.

In regards to the kind of corporation I’d like to join, I don’t have any particular preference. I’m happy in any line of work. I have decent PvP skills and a couple of combat able ships; as well as decent mining skills, a Covetor Mining Barge and an Iteron Mk V (with 29,000 m3 cargo space). So I can really be put to use anywhere.
I’m looking for a corporation preferably with people active around my time zone (GMT) but I’m prone to late nights at times so any time zone will be fine. I’d prefer a corporation located around the Caldari regions (The Forge, etc.) purely for ease of travel but I am willing travel to anywhere I am needed.

So, let’s move onto what I have to offer.

  • A little PvP experience from my days as a solo pirate.
  • Already in possession of some PvP-ready ships.
  • Don’t smack-talk.
  • Own a working headset. Headset currently broken but will get another when I can afford it.
  • Will happily join you in low sec and 0.0 systems, whether it be to mine, haul or take part in combat of any kind (PvP or PvE)
  • Can fly frigates, destroyers, cruisers, battlecruisers, and battleships. But I do not own a battleship as of yet.
  • Can fly a Covetor Mining Barge and an Iteron Mk V ideal for hauling large amounts of minerals, ore, items, etc. (as mentioned above).
  • Can make graphics. See my EVE-GFX gallery for examples.
  • Discount prices (50% off) on graphics made for corp members (signatures, etc.) or the corp as a whole (banners, headers, posters, etc.).

You can find my character info (such as skill points, current skills trained and ships I am able to fly) at inEVE.

If you want to know anything that I’ve left out, either leave a comment here, on the post that brought you here or send an EVE-mail to Godlesswanderer.

Secondly, after my failed 0.0 ratting escapade, I’ve realised I may need a new fitting for my precious Myrmidon. I know there are some (well, a lot) of you out there that are a lot better at fitting ships effectively than me, so I’d be eternally grateful if you could suggest a ship fitting that will stop (or at least decrease the likelyhood of) me getting my arse handed to me by NPC pirates.

[Myrmidon, Current Setup]
Medium ‘Accommodation’ Vestment Reconstructer I
Medium ‘Accommodation’ Vestment Reconstructer I
1600mm Reinforced Rolled Tungsten Plates I
N-Type Explosive Hardener I
N-Type Kinetic Hardener I
N-Type Thermic Hardener I

Warp Disruptor II
Fleeting Propulsion Inhibitor I
Sensor Booster II
10MN Afterburner II
Medium F-RX Prototype I Capacitor Boost, Cap Booster 400

Heavy Electron Blaster I, Uranium Charge M
Heavy Electron Blaster I, Uranium Charge M
Heavy Electron Blaster I, Uranium Charge M
Heavy Electron Blaster I, Uranium Charge M
E5 Prototype Energy Vampire
Drone Link Augmentor I

[empty rig slot]
[empty rig slot]
[empty rig slot]

Ogre II x3
Ogre II x2

That’s all from me today. Fly safe.

Drone Bandwidth & Looking For A Change Of Scenery

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Still not much going on in EVE. The last few days have just been spent flying back and forth between asteroid belts in Tasti, destroying rats* with my new Ogre II heavy attack drones.
While we’re on the subject of drones, I’m not liking the new drone bandwidth addition. Before Trinity I would have been able to launch five Ogre II drones in my Myrmidon, which to be honest I was excited about. But now, I can only launch a maximum of three. Now, I’m not saying that I’m annoyed or that I want the change removed, just that I am a little disappointed that I am now limited to launching three drones at a time. Although, with that said, three Ogre II drones can do a lot of damage so it’s not like I’ve now been severely gimped by the changes.

I’ve been thinking about leaving my current corporation as the CEO and director have left Hells Angels Inc. to join a non-pirate, PvP corporation in SMASH alliance. When they left, the CEO made an alt and appointed his alt the position of new CEO. Because of that, the corporation has been left with no direction and the members tend to want to do their own thing, rather than try and organise a hunt.

So, if anyone reading this is a member of a PvP (preferably pirate but if not, I don’t mind) corporation that is recruiting, leave me a message and if I end up leaving Hells Angels Inc, I’ll get back to you. See my recruitment page for my recruitment info.








*Rats = NPC pirate ships often found in asteroid belts


Posted in EVE Online, Gallente, Gaming, MMORPG, PC on November 21st, 2007 by Godlesswanderer – Comments

I signed in to EVE today for the first time in a couple weeks. I mainly signed in to download the newest patch and change a skill. But it’s strange, I feel kind of excited about playing EVE; almost like I did when I first started playing. I’m hoping this excitement will only intensify once CCP release Trinity.

So, I’m sitting here with the Market open, searching for the Gallente Drone Specialization skill so I can use Ogre II drones instead of Ogre I’s. The skill plan as a whole is quite a long one. I’m about a third of the way through at the moment in terms of training time. All I’ve got left to train is the Gallente Drone Specialization skill which won’t take too long to begin with, but once I get onto training from level 4 to level 5 it’ll take roughly 39 days to complete. Here’s a look at my current skill plan.

Skill plan for Godlesswanderer

1. Gallente Drone Specialization I (1 hour, 6 minutes, 50 seconds)
2. Gallente Drone Specialization II (5 hours, 11 minutes, 20 seconds)
3. Gallente Drone Specialization III (1 day, 5 hours, 20 minutes, 51 seconds)
4. Gallente Drone Specialization IV (6 days, 22 hours, 1 minute, 13 seconds)
5. Gallente Drone Specialization V (39 days, 3 hours, 8 minutes, 55 seconds)

Total time: 47 days, 12 hours, 49 minutes, 11 seconds
Cost: 9,000,000 ISK

N.B. Skill costs are based on CCP’s database and are indicative only

On a side note, in-case you were wondering why I haven’t posted many EVE related entries lately, my corporation seems to have been hit by a bout of severe inactivity. We seem to have gone from a corporation with everyone being online every night to a corporation with next to no one online but me (day or night). Hopefully this won’t last very long and we will be up and running again soon. But, if this does keep up I may have to end up trying to find another corporation to fly with. I haven’t thought about what kind of corporation yet but preferably in the PvP area, although the miner in me is aching to get out and mine some ‘roids.

Update - 21/11/07
It seems that I don’t need the Gallente Drone Specialization skill trained to level 5 to be able to use Ogre II drones. Although, with that said, it’ll be a good skill to have as it increases the damage of Gallente drones by 2%; and that little bit of extra damage would be helpful.