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New Graphics: BoBo Corp

Posted in Corporation, EVE Online, Gaming, Graphics, MMORPG, PC on April 15th, 2009 by Godlesswanderer – Comments

So, that time has some again. My wallet is a little fatter and I have some new graphics to post.

This time the request came from a French speaking corporation called the BoBo corporation.

The request seemed clear enough; they wanted a corporation header* and a logo for their website. Unfortunately, with the client’s English lacking, there were some details that were lost in translation. The problems being all with the logo.

From the start I gathered that they wanted the new logo to be based on the original corporation logo, so I set about making a simple greyscale version of the logo that I could fit into the design of the header.

An hour or so later, I emailed the client back, showing him the following two files.

Click to see full size version.

Click to see full size version.

Minutes later, I received a reply asking for a logo with all of the details that the original had and with realistic colouring. Having no problem with making the revisions, I agreed and went on my merry way.

Two hours later (the first hour consisting of scratching my head and wishing that I had never gotten rid of my Wacom tablet), I emailed back showing the following revisions.

Click to see full size version.

Click to see full size version.

Click to see full size version.

Click to see full size version.

Unfortunately for me, I had just wasted over an hour of my life as it seemed that me and the client had different ideas of what realistic meant. I took it to mean that the sword should be the colours of a real sword, etc. while he meant that the colours should be true to the original logo (i.e. red, blue and white).

After some complaining and wishing that I had known this to begin with, I got on with re-colouring the logo. I was quite disappointed that this part of the job turned out to essentially be a logo re-sizing as I was looking forward to creating my own logo designs from scratch. Maybe next time an alliance will approach me for a logo design. A man can dream, eh?

Anyway, after changing the colours of version 2 of the logo, I sent off the final revisions of the graphics.

Click for full size version.

Click for full size version.

Click for full size version.

Click for full size version.

Luckily for me, the guys at BoBo were happy with my creations and minutes later, my wallet got all flashy and it had put on a couple pounds in the form of 210 million ISK.

If you would like a custom EVE Online graphic of some sort created by me, feel free to send me an email using the Contact page or send an me EVE Mail in-game to Godlesswanderer. You can find my prices, along with a link to my gallery on my Custom Graphics page.

* For some reason people insist on calling them banners which is somewhat annoying. Banners = advertisement banners, not headers!

Forgetful Old Me!

Posted in EVE Online, Gaming, MMORPG, PC, poll on April 13th, 2009 by Godlesswanderer – Comments

Now that I’m almost half way to 40 (on Thursday), my old age must be getting to me!* I completely forgot to add the new poll my It’s a trap! post and to change the poll in the sidebar!

You can now find the poll above, in the post and to the right. It’s a poll overload!

*Kidding by the way. ;)

New Graphics: Jeneral Jane

Posted in EVE Online, Gaming, Graphics, MMORPG, PC on April 9th, 2009 by Godlesswanderer – Comments

Last night I got an email (and not an EVE Mail, which was a nice change) from Jeneral Jane wanting a forum signature and killboard header made and after discussing a price I was given these parameters.

Common to both graphics:

I like the colors blue and black and I also like Rifters.  My name
“Jeneral Jane” shall appear on both and, beneath my name, the words
“Mistress of Malice”.  Please grab my portrait from within EVE to use
on both.

I really like a lot of the work Aberash has done over the years.  Here
is an example of one of his signatures and headers I really like:

I am not asking you to directly copy these.  I’d like you to use your
own creativity but I do really like the look and feel of these two.

For a font, I really like the font used in this signature below where
it says “Doomchinchilla”.  If you can find a font similar to this one
to use for my name, I’d appreciate it:

And from those parameters, I ended up coming up with the following two designs. Which Jeneral Jane liked and promptly paid for, leaving me 110 million ISK richer.

Forum Signature

Killboard Header

Click to see full size

Click to see full size

If you would like a custom EVE Online graphic of some sort created by me, feel free to send me an email using the Contact page or send an me EVE Mail in-game to Godlesswanderer. You can find my prices, along with a link to my gallery on my Custom Graphics page.


You can see the killboard header in action in it’s natural habitat at Jeneral Jane’s killboard.

It’s a trap!

Posted in EVE Online, Gaming, MMORPG, PC, Pirate on April 8th, 2009 by Godlesswanderer – Comments

EVE hasn’t been kind to me lately. After losing my old Brutix (the USS Short Lived) just over a month ago, I took out my new replacement Brutix (The USS Shorter Lived) in Old Man Star last night. Unfortunately for me, it lived up to its name.

It was near the end of a boring night of “warp to Old Man Star V… scan asteroid belts… warp to Old Man Star VI… etc.” when I scanned down a Drake named “Salvage” in one of the asteroid belts. Initially I thought nothing of it and warped off to the next planet. On my next couple rounds of the system, I noticed that the Drake still hadn’t moved which I thought was odd.
On my next round I saw that the Drake was still there, so decided to warp in and have a look. Despite initially thinking it was a trap, I was put at ease by the fact that the Drake was surrounded by salvaged wrecks of the local Sansha rats. Thinking that the Drake fitted for mainly salvaging and was AFK, I started closing in to my optimum range, getting ready to target so as to tackle the Drake and catch him off guard. But to my surprise, he targeted me first. “Maybe he’s just come back and is fighting back out of panic”, I thought. Turns out I was wrong.

Little did I know that this Drake pilot was smarter than I had previously anticipated and I had flown into his carefully laid trap.

[ 2009.04.07 18:27:10 ] (notify) Kendrak Memonic [CVS](Drake) has started trying to warp scramble you!
[ 2009.04.07 18:27:15 ] (combat) Caldari Navy Terror Assault Missile belonging to Kendrak Memonic hits you, doing 949.3 damage.

Seconds later, I came to realise that there was nothing I could do. My blaster rounds and drones’ rounds were merely bouncing off the shields and my Brutix was bound for the great shipyard in the sky.


Now that my Brutix has taken the form of dust and metal chunks, I need a replacement ship. Just for a bit of variation, I’ll let you guys help me make the decision. For the ships I can fly, take a look at my in EvE ships page.

Do you think I should be flying a frigate or cruiser? Or should I be staying with a battlecruiser? Should I even try a battleship? If you have a suggestion, post away!


Slap me silly and call me admiral, I forgot to add the new poll!

April Fool: EVE Online 2009 - a Carebear’s Eden?

Posted in EVE Online, Gaming, MMORPG, PC on April 1st, 2009 by Godlesswanderer – Comments

I’ve never mentioned it here before but by way of a friend of a friend I’ve come into contact with a CCP employee from the offices in Atlanta. Due to the sensitive nature of this information she has asked me to withhold her name and job title, so lets call her April.

Carebear Online

It’s no secret that the world ecomony is bad right now and it’s not going to get any better in the forseeable future. I’m sure that you’ve all even been affected by it in one way or another. It seems that CCP’s apparent relative invulnerability regarding the situation in Iceland isn’t as accurate as people make it out to be. April tells me that there has been talk among the CCP management (that has made it’s way down the chain) of dropping the PvP aspect of EVE or at the very least dialing it down a considerable amount. The apparent reasoning behind this is that CCP are losing more and more subscribers due to the relentlessness of EVE’s PvP activities as I’m sure you’ve noticed. Afterall, if it wasn’t for these subscribers leaving, the ever popular question “Can I have your stuff?” wouldn’t be so popular.

EVE Uncertainty

April has assured me that while the decision is up in the air at the moment, with the economy the way it is, it is a very real possibility. There are also some other ideas floating around the CCP offices (Reykjavik and Atlanta), ranging from getting rid of the single ’server’ play-type that EVE is famous for in favour of PvP and PvE ‘Universes’, to doing something as simple as raising the subscription prices.

EVE Online as we know it is hanging in the balance.

Fly safe.