The 31 best YouTube channels for video game lovers



YouTube is changing the way in which so far accedíamos to all kinds of information related to video games . Increasingly those who use the popular video platform, to consult any questions or information by displaying gameplays about the games that interest them.

But not only the players take advantage of YouTube. The developers themselves are benefited by advertising that provide numerous gaming portals and famous Youtubers . We show you the 31 best YouTube channels for video game lovers .

YouTube channels of the best gaming portals

Among the huge number of channels dedicated to video games, I have made ​​a compilation of those for me are the best. In them you will find from news to gameplays, through analysis, trailers and options to buy views on youtube. If you’re a multiplatform player, here you will find everything you need to stay informed about your hobby.

  • 3DJuegos
  • Computer and video games (CVG)
  • Elite Gamer
  • GameSpot
  • GamesRadar
  • Gametrailers
  • Machinima
  • IGN Spain
  • Fortress LeChuck
  • PC Gamer
  • Scanliner

YouTube channels on the world of indie games


The world of indie games is living a very sweet monent. In an industry where many players are tired of refried, remastered and nth parts of the triple A titles, are growing a large number of independent studies being a breath of fresh air for this world.

  • Draegast
  • GamersDissent
  • Indieformer
  • Indie game a day
  • mathas Games
  • RockLeeSmile
  • The Indie Game Magazine

YouTube channels for fans consoles


If you are not a PC gamer and also looking for a place where it is spoken only of the game on your console , on YouTube channels shown below you we will find the latest news, guides and gameplays, popular entertainment systems Microsoft , Nintendo and Sony.

  • nintenderos
  • Nintendo Spain
  • Nintendo Life
  • Wii U Gameplays
  • PlayStation Spain
  • RegionTV
  • PS4 trophies
  • Xbox community
  • SomosXbox
  • Xbox Spain

YouTube is a platform very useful for all fond of video games. In recent years, the number of channels both developers and players who want to show their analyzes, guides and gameplays, has grown considerably. And you, what do you think are YouTube channels that every player should know about ?

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