The best 10 BlackBerry apps and games


Bookmark this page right now, as you visit it often! Welcome to the CrackBerry list of the best apps and games available for BlackBerry 10. We will be updating this post frequently as great new apps and games are available for the BlackBerry Z10, Q10 BlackBerry, PGP Blackberry and other BlackBerry 10. Whether paid or free, If it is an ideal application for BlackBerry 10 you will find it here.


Selection criteria: All applications and games on this list has been downloaded, installed and used by a member of the CrackBerry team. If we think that it is an application that is worth the download time, it will be added to this list. For the most part, we are vetoing each application for a quality experience (native built for BlackBerry 10 is what we like) that is also rich in features, but we will also allow popular Android ports on this list that are particularly good. Each list will be accompanied by a brief “tweet review” or the reasons why it’s worth your time to download.
For starters, we’re going to keep this list sorted simply among the best free and paid apps and games for BlackBerry 10. As this list grows, let’s start things dividing into more specific categories and use case applications. Our first goal here is to get the best apps and games for your BlackBerry 10 phone that every BlackBerry Z10 owner should have!
Now, keep in mind that some of the best apps come pre-installed on a BlackBerry 10 device, such as Facebook Foursquare, Google Talk and Dropbox. Those are gimmies, so we’ve excluded them from the list. The entries that are in italics are recent additions.
INSTALLATION OF APPLICATIONS:If you are visiting this page on your BlackBerry 10 phone, simply clicking on an application link will open the option to then open the application in BlackBerry World. From there you can easily install it. If you are visiting your computer, the link will take you to the World BlackBerry website. Be sure to sign in to BlackBerry World with your BlackBerry ID. From the website on your computer, you can complete the purchase (if necessary) or click on the free download link of a free application, and the download will automatically start on your BlackBerry 10 phone (super cool, we know it).
SEND AN APP: If you find BlackBery awesome 10 apps that are not on the list, be sure to talk about them in our10 BlackBerry applications and BlackBerry 10 Games forums. We will constantly be dragging the forums looking for bigger applications and games to try.

  • PicStory – Create and share photo collages with friends online.
  • WordPress – A best blogger friend. Publish in motion, with support for image and video files.
  • Songza – Android’s best music streaming service port out there. Based on mood playlists with no audio ad.
  • Nobex – Get the whole nation streaming radio music and notifications when the new podcasts are ready to download.
  • News360 – Get the latest feeds from all your favorite sources.
  • Untappd – Share your favorite beer with your friends and discover new beers.
  • Flixter – Find movie info and find what is playing in the local theaters.
  • theScore – Get sporting results, news, rapids and positions on the fly.
  • Badoo – Meet singles nearby.
  • Cooklet – Find delicious new recipes.
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