The best cheap oil-free fryers for your kitchen while kids playing video games


One of the great inventions that we have witnessed lately is the birth of the fryer without oil , helps us spend less and have a healthy and balanced diet, also can cook foods with little oil, providing tasty meals but light digestion, your Cholesterol will not be damaged and you can eat what you like.

How does an oil-free fryer work?

It is the question that we all do, in fact these fryers are very similar to a small ovens, these combine the action of a grill that thanks to the air circulation at high speed allows us to obtain these results, in fact are fryers without Oil completely said, since it is usually used between one and two tablespoons of oil for the recipes.

Oil-free fryers operate by convection of hot air, providing the temperature and optimum level of heat so that foods are crisp on the outside, and juicy and soft on the inside, we will enjoy a healthier diet but maintaining the traditional flavor of our kitchen .

Advantages of buying a fryer without oil?

Now that you know how it works we are going to list some of the multiple advantages of buying a fryer without oil:

  • It is very easy to clean: the bucket and its accessories can be put into the dishwasher without problem, usually come with a non-stick treatment so that food does not stick to cooking.
  • Some models usually come with the option of frying and baking , so you have a product with more utilities than a conventional fryer.
  • Health benefits: less fat (between 70% and 80%) and calories for your dishes, your cholesterol will thank you enormously.
  • Absence of annoying odors compared to fryers throughout life.
  • Savings in oil, which is a major expense.
  • They hardly produce noise compared to traditional fryers models.
  • Many models usually come with a recipe book.
  • They incorporate timers that will help us to be less outstanding and without fear that we will burn our food.


On the other hand we find some disadvantages that should not be overlooked, the price of oil free fryers is obviously higher than conventional fryers, and of course the taste of the food is different in the absence of oil, the appearance of food goes to Be more like a kind of roast-fried, everything is for eating healthy

Best Cheap Oilless Fryers

We wish to draw a selection, based on user reviews, the best fryers without cheap oil , if you are looking for this magnificent tool for your kitchen, you find the best options value in the market, we go for them!

Fryer without oil Philips AirFryer

Thanks to the fryer without oil A irFryer of  Philips You can fry with air food that will be crispy outside and tender on the inside, you use much less oil than conventional fryers because you only have to put half a tablespoon of oil to get your recipes With 80% * less fat.

You can fill it up to 800 grams capacity, thanks to its timer you can adjust the cooking times with a maximum of 30 minutes, including also the options “ready” and automatic shutdown, its timer is fully customizable, you can choose between various temperatures Until reaching the 200ºC, is without a doubt one of the best options of fryers without oil if we stop to see the opinions of the users. Let’s watch a demo video.

“It is advertised as a fryer but it is actually a small, turbo-charged oven with hot air. The potatoes, the croquettes, the empanadillas etc are baked, crunchy and without any oil. You can also prepare minipizzas or anything else you can think of that you could do in the oven. The advantage: for moderate quantities it is cheaper than using the conventional oven, and the results are great. If you like traditional flavors, forget it. But if you prefer to reduce the amount of fat, do not hesitate “

Duronic AF1 Jet

One of the cheap options in oil-free fryers is the Duronic AF1 Jet, has a capacity of 2.2 liters in which you can cook almost anything, even frozen potatoes without any oil, includes a recipe book to be able to experiment new and balanced Flavors.

“It is a very good fryer and it fries things very well, hamburgers potatoes fish fried egg and also has the option of having left some food can be heated in this fryer and heated without drying the food. What I wanted to know if you can get spare parts of the pre-press the grill for example that with the use seems to be folding a little and wanted to know where I can get it for when you have to put a new grill. “


CecoFry Compact Plus

The fryer without oil Cecofry Compact Plus  will allow you to cook your food selecting simultaneously time and cooking menu thanks to its timer with automatic shut down , has a capacity of 5 liters and is made of a totally ecological and durable material that also has a Coating non-stick, you can put it in the dishwasher without any fear, for just 50 € little more can be ordered of this product.

“Perfect for what I want: fry potatoes, chicken, ribs etc. Occupies little. Easy to clean. You have to be careful to turn the food around yourself, and you have to keep an eye on the burn. Nothing that does not solve a tweezers to get the food “

Fryer Actifry Tefal

The oil-free fryer Tefal Actifry Snacking is another of the most sought after by users, since being a brand recognized as Tefal, gives enough peace of mind when buying a product of these characteristics.

“It’s the second one we have. It is a good appliance although a bit expensive. Needless to say, the potatoes do not taste the same as the fries in their olive oil. The chicken also knows more rubbery. Everything is similar and nothing like it, but to your advantage, less fat is used. Against it, that materials (due to the high temperatures that are reached) do not last long. But that’s what it is, and it’s a good substitute for making “fries” with little fat “

It has a power of 1.400W where you can cook up to 1kg of food (about 3-4 people), thanks to its transparent lid, you can see the whole process of cooking your food without fear that the oil can splash you and the time control when the food is ready

To make things a little easier Tefal Actifry the provides a  recipe with which you can make the best and delicious meals: shrimp, beef, chicken, vegetables, fish, sauces, etc.

Princess Digital Aerofryer XL

Perhaps less well known, but this model of oil-free fryer has some very interesting things, such as an LCD panel where you can control in a digital way aspects such as temperature, time and type of food you want to use.

It has a capacity of 3.2 liters, a power of 1,500W, protection against possible overheating and a base with non-slip feet for your safety, certainly a whole discovery! For more information Pulsa aquí.

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