The risks to watch pirated movies and games online


The main recommendation is not to use this type of sites, much less install unknown programs to access ‘free’ content.

Study found that seven out of ten illegal portals streaming infected devices.

Almost from birth internet has been linked to the thorny issue of piracy of copyright-protected content. Music, movies, TV shows, books and ‘software’ are mainly formats most affected by this phenomenon, which the high risk of spread of virus adds certain portals.

After 1993, when he was born the MP3, the music industry have resulted in bankruptcy for illegally sharing music on the Internet, a phenomenon that in the end, after years of legal wrangling, just in the last five years has managed alleviated precisely with payment models music streaming.

And it is this model, streaming (live internet data that are hosted on a central server and not on the user’s computer), which these days dominates the distribution of multimedia content. Netflix, Spotify, Deezer, Claro Video and HBO Go, are legal examples.

In Colombia, Netflix is ​​the third television content provider. And in the United States, these systems enthrall 60 percent of the audience, or that go beyond traditional television.

But there are also illegal streaming. And also with a high audience. A study by the University of Stony Brook, New York, analyzed 5,000 pirates content portals most popular live in the world, providing football matches and other sporting events as well as movies and series, and made important findings in the field security and privacy.

Portals like RojaDirecta or PopCorn Time, to mention a few of the thousands available, are systems that steal the sign of a live game to retransmit online, or allowing watch live video files located on exchange services, called torrents, where they are stored, among others, pirated movies and television.

“To view the contents, the user has to accept the installation of a patch or extension on your browser, which contains the malware then infects other legal web users visit sites,” he told the BBC Zubair Rafique, member of research group.

Such portals subsist on advertising. And the methods they use to distribute are not entirely legal. The study says that seven out of ten of these portals of games and movies online install a malicious code called ad-aware, which is responsible for advertising massively deployed in the browser.

However, half of these services injected into the user’s computer a type of “malware” more elaborate.

false windows

“When the user enters a website anyone will see action changed the content of these viruses,” Rafique said. These codes change advertising a site for pornographic content or send false emergency windows operating system with the detection of a virus that does not exist, while inviting the user to download “the solution”, ie, more malicious code form of an alleged antivirus. Contact this site for more security solutions.

The research also found cases of ‘ramsonware’ malicious code that hijacks data from infected PC then request a payment to the victim, and ‘key loggers’ programs that record the data that is typed on the keyboard to send offenders who ‘fish’ passwords and private data.

The main recommendation of experts from Kaspersky, Eset, and McAfee antivirus vendors and security experts, is not to use this type of sites, much less install unknown programs to access ‘free’ content. Visit to learn more about these types of programs.

Some pages of legal content

‘Streaming’ legal: Netflix is a paid service with several million shares, for a low monthly cost, can be viewed on a computer, phone, tablet or TV. Video Claro operates the same and is free included in most plans and fixed internet TV that operator with the option of renting movies. Similarly Movistar Video works, the operator plans to be viewed from different screens with a wide range of films.

Crackle: is an online service and application for PC, tablet or TV including legal and free movies and series, thanks to the alliance of content producers. You can visit her in

Youtube: This video portal has an extensive list of legal movies. You can find some of them arranged on the site .

Win Sports: sports channel that offers various subscription plans from 20,000 pesos per game. You may have included service free online access to watch games from your PC or mobile according to plan with the operator Claro, Movistar, UNE or Directv.

Free Channels: many people do not know their operator offers the service free of charge, most of way, access to pay channels free internet from a PC or mobile. Directv Play, Play Claro, Movistar Play, UNE Play, among others, lets you view live FGox signal channels like ESPN, HBO, TNT and Space, among others.

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