What are the advantages of steam cleaning in your rooms?


The steam cleaning offers advantages not provide other forms of disinfection . Here we show you the main ones.

“Cotton does not deceive,” said Tenn’s steward, as he passed by some surface and showed it dirty. Thus it announced in 90 product that promised “cleaning and disinfection”, which is precisely what you can get through steam cleaning , but without resorting to chemicals.

How Steam Cleaners Work and Advantages

Although there are different types and models of steam cleaners , they all work essentially the same way:have a water tank that is heated to several bars of pressure (up to 4.5 bars in the more powerful models) and temperatures of more than 200 Grades, much like a coffee maker prepares a delicious espresso or a pressure cooker.

It is precisely these high temperatures which allow to get one that not only clean “dry” vapor, but disinfects , eliminating germs, bacteria, mites … and who do need to use any detergent or other products.

And thanks to use pressurized steam, make cleaning dirt and deep clean all surfaces , even to places that would be almost impossible to achieve otherwise, as the ins and outs of the toilet, a blind, guides a sliding window , Floor joints …

Of course, there is a type of steam cleaner for every situation , and most also incorporate all kinds of accessories to clean floors, glass, bedroom, gaming room, living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, carpets, sofas …

Type of steam cleaners


A model of steam cleaner of the brand Karchner

The cleaners conventional steam , better known as steam cleaners (which is the trade name of the brand that popularized) have the external appearance of a vacuum cleaner , but its operation is quite different.

Instead of aiming, release a steam at high temperature  through an articulated mop with which you can easily clean and with excellent results flooring throughout the house, from the bathroom to the kitchen, dining room or bedroom.

Effects of a conventional steam cleaner on a smooth surface

In addition, have different accessories to other surfaces and areas such as windows, tapestries, sinks and toilets … some models even include a steam ironing system for the clothes just right.


If you want to clean all the floors of your home easily and quickly , a broom steam is a good choice. They work similar to the way steam cleaners, but the shape and ergonomics of a broom or a vacuum cleaner Dyson standing as the V6 Fluffy .

A model of steam broom of the brand Philips

Thus leaving the soil as a whistle will be a matter of a few minutes , thanks to the thorough cleaning and disinfection offering steam. And once you’re finished, you can store it in any closet next to the normal broom and dustpan.


As its name suggests, vacuum cleaners steam function combines the action of a vacuum cleaner with a steam cleaner. Allow to remove all types of waste, both solid and liquid , and then activate the steam function to get the best cleaning results without any detergent or artificial additive. Why scrub if you can spray the dirt.


If you like the idea is to use steam for household cleaning , but do not want another big gizmo at home, perhaps a cleaner portable steam is a good choice.


How a Portable Steam Cleaner Works

Despite its small size and operate without cables, there really powerful models that will help with that dirt that has always resisted you windows, rails, tile joints, range hoods, gas cookers, ovens, carpets, blankets … No there is nothing that can resist, and as above has no cable , you can use around the house or even use it to clean the car.

Whatever the type of steam cleaner that interests you, so you should stay clear is that its main advantage is that cleans and disinfects without any other product , thanks to the action of dry and hot steam.

Price and availability

You can check availability and price of best steam cleaner for tile  that best suit the needs of your home.

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