Why video games make us smarter?


Several studies have devoted their efforts to check a demonstrably produce benefits play video games. Then we tell you what help us.

How many times have you told your parents that dejaseis the console and ye would
do better? A million times, right? Therefore they know that despite what may seem, games are not mere entertainment as most people think, they also help us develop different aspects of our intelligence and if not, take a look.


According to intelimax iq funciona News , playing video games improves a type of reasoning called fluid intelligence , ie the ability to solve everyday problems in an efficient and expeditious manner.

For James Paul Gee , of the University of Wisconsin , allow us to find new ways to overcome obstacles and therefore makes us smarter. In addition, according to a study conducted at the University of Rochester , participants who regularly played video games were scored one 13% higher on a test that had to count the number of X that appeared on the screen for a short period of time .


Video game


Improve reaction times

According to Science Daily , video games give us benefits in mind

thanks to the cognitive flexibility . Such a feature is not static, so that over time and through the strengthening of procedures can improve.

Games are a way to promote the cognitive flexibility. However, the type 

of game to spend our time that will be key for her. Those who are more passive such asThe Sims , are less effective than others that require us to exercise the brain such asStarCraft .

Exercise our brain

As mentioned in the previous point, the style of play is an essential factor. For
that, the Public Library of Science conducted an experiment testing five
different game types. Some were simulators life, others were out of action and
of course , there was also based strategy games.

After months of study concluded that those games with doses of action produce better results : “People who had played an action title had improved its ability to track multiple objects in a short space of time, while players of memory games increased their visual acuity . ”




Improve coordination

A expemiento conducted on a sample of 13 men aged between 20 and 30 years found that those less experienced improved area of the parietal cortex of the brain , associated withhand-eye coodinación . While those who had to spent more time playing area saw improved the crust prefonta l, associated with complex cognitive activity .


So, after these four points that I have exposed is no longer any reason to say that video games not only entertain us, but also help develop our brains, what aspects you think you have helped video games?

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